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Overreaction Sunday: Arrival Edition.

TCU's back. Sorry it took so long.

Tom Pennington

I'm not going to say I called it, because we all called it. But TCU's win Saturday was the coming out party. After two years living in the cellar and close margin losses, TCU got their first statement win in the Big 12. It's been a long time coming. The Frogs have not only positioned themselves into the Big 12 title picture, but the National title picture as well.

Paul Dawson may be TCU's best defender.

Don't get me wrong, Eric Striker is wonderful. He had big plays Saturday, there's no denying that. But you know what All-Americans do? They return a go-ahead interception for 41-yards to give their team the much needed momentum to seal the victory.

Trevone Boykin is the real deal

Perfect? Nope. But Boykin's turned a 180 this season. The Oklahoma defenders made a point of how unpredictable and hard it is to stop Boykin. Could he be more accurate? Yes. But he's only getting better. He's also the leading rusher on the team. If Boykin and TCU get the win next Saturday in Waco, there shouldn't be a question as to who the best quarterback in the Big 12 is.

This game was not a fluke

Oklahoma's a great team. But TCU had 3 turnovers, had their signals intercepted, had an extra point blocked, and still found a way to win. That's just being the better team.

Waco should be College Gameday. It should infuriate you.

I'll write more in detail about it this coming week. But damn, son. Waco is one of the few major spots which Gameday's never been to. And one would think a rekindled rivalry, a team playing their first conference game in a new stadium (SAILGATING!), a Top-10 matchup (granted, they choose before the polls come out), and a salty coaching rivalry would be enough to justify Gameday rolling into Waco. Nope.

Nothing against the SEC, Starkville, or the Auburn and Mississippi State game, but the general consensus is mundane.

The goal line offense isn't great.

This sort of goes along with the 'lack' of running game. The lack is "all part of the plan", but I wish we'd run Trevorris Johnson in the goal line. B.J. Catalon is TCU's most talented back, but for one reason or another, he can't get it done in the red zone.

Baker Mayfield, this is why no one likes you.

I gave Baker the benefit of the doubt. Even though his dad's involvement is vomit inducing, he's still a kid trying to play football and earned his scholarship at Tech. But as an open letter to Baker and his father, Kliff Kingsbury isn't "punishing" you. Picking off TCU's signals yesterday is that exact reason why coaches are hesitant to sign over their players to conference foes.

If Baker's college career is that of a low-rate splintercell, the joke's on him.