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Frogs O'War Poll: Week 6

A big weekend causes a big shakeup in the Frogs O'War poll. Plus GIFs!

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I was saving an all Game of Thrones gif week for later in the season. But given the seismic shifts that occurred on Saturday, I think it would be impeachable not to do it this week. Tyler, Melissa, Nick, and myself are liking Auburn at this point. Our leader still thinks Florida State deserves the top spot. Oh, and our Horned Frogs crack the Top 5. Pretty amazing week, y'all.

Once the playoff committee starts voting, we will too. But let's start throwing names out there for the first four teams in. If the season ended today, and honestly sans bias, I'd give it Auburn, Florida State, Mississippi State, and TCU. Chat away...

"Good thing it wasn't a snake"-Gary Patterson, on Paul Dawson's go-ahead interception

The Ten.

1. Auburn

With all five voters, the nearly unanimous Tigers sit atop a fairly ambiguous field.  Nick Marshall is improved from last year, and they’re playing better defense than they did last year too. Sure, they played a tight one against Kansas State--but that says more about our good friends, the Wildcats.

Week 6 Status: Dominating with all the chaos behind them. But still a lot to conquer


2. Mississippi State

If it ended today, Dak Prescott would/should be the Heisman winner. The ultraviolent and smashmouth football he plays is unprecedented to anything I’ve seen in college thus far. I said the award was Mariotta’s to lose. And welp, he lost it. The Bulldogs’ demolition of the garbage that is A&M’s defense proved that the Aggies, while still a contender, have a few big steps before being a playoff team.

Week 6 Status: Mississippi State may win the SEC.


3. Florida State

Not much to see here. All that really matters is that Florida State beats Notre Dame. They will. Their defense isn’t great by any means, but Jameis Winston is so good, he’ll find a way to win that game.

Week 6 Status: Cautionary level; Tywin Lannister


4. Ole Miss

Alabama’s lost three straight games to ranked teams. So who knows how good they actually are. They have world-class athletes like Amari Cooper, loafer aficionado Lane Kiffin, and probably the greatest coach of our generation. But who knows how that actually computes for this season. We won’t know how good Alabama actually is until the first week in December. But it's hard to punish the Rebels for a spirited win. Bo Wallace is also actually pretty damn good.

Week 6 Status: Beating Bama.


5. TCU

Just about everyone was riding high on the Frogs before the Oklahoma game. They didn’t pick TCU to win, but made note of how vastly improved the offense was. The only question was if  they could do it against big teams. Well, they did. Also as a bonus, they improved on their 3rd-down conversions (10-18). Gary certainly had the quote of the week in the Big 12, in reference to Paul Dawson's go-ahead interception "Good thing it wasn't a snake".

Week 6 Status: On being asked if they'd rather go to Baylor


6. Notre Dame

Still not sold. Stanford plays great defense, but has very little offense. Their quarterback is Andrew Luck incarnate, but without the talent (and still has the white engineering student neckbeard we’ve all come to know and love).

I still firmly believe the best Fightin' Irish you can find right now is by watching Warrior on Netflix. Or just at your favorite Irish pub come midnight. If Everett Golson beats Florida State, he could pass Prescott, Gurley, and everyone else for the Heisman. He's on a helluva comeback, and to my knowledge he hasn't faked a fake girlfriend's death. So that's a bonus.

Week 6 Status: "I'm Stannis Baratheon, NO ONE TAKES ME SERIOUSLY"


7. Baylor

Still don’t know why Baylor is a 10-point favorite Saturday. The favorite? Sure. But by 10 points?

It is a home game for the Bears, but they’re still untested--and especially watching them play Texas, many are wondering if they’re even a contender at all. All I'm saying is that as of right now, Trevone Boykin is better than Bryce Petty. More on Boykin later in the week.

Week 6 Status: Sinfully average in Austin.


8. Arizona

Let the "Rich Rod should have never been fired" hysteria begin. Anu Solomon is a darkhorse (the most overused term of the weekend) for Pac-12 Player of the Year. He's completed 131 of 206 passes for over 1700 yards and 14 touchdowns. Running back Nick Wilson isn't too shabby either. I just want to live in a world where Arizona plays Cal (THE KING IN THE NORTH) for the Pac-12 Championship in 2014.

Week 6 Status: Surprised and confused.


9. Oregon

The Ducks’ one loss doesn’t eliminate them from playoff contention. But like every other Pac-12 team, minus Stanford, they can’t play defense. It’s going to take an impressive resume to earn one of the four spots. Sadly, none of us are on the playoff committee, but at this point in the season, the Pac-12 has to earn my trust back. Marcus Mariotta will still be in New York come December, but he'll have to dazzle be perfect in the coming weeks if he wants to reclaim the lead. He's entirely capable.

Week 6 Status: More wine.


10. Kansas State

Feels good to have another Big 12 team (not named Baylor) in The Ten. But also, a little scary. Aside from the game Saturday, this is the game TCU fans should fear most.

Week 6 Status: Snyder's a wizard.


The Poll



1. Auburn Tigers (4)
2. Mississippi State Bulldogs
3. Florida State Seminoles (1)
4. Ole Miss Rebels
5. TCU Horned Frogs
6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
7. Baylor Bears
8. Arizona Wildcats
9. Oregon Ducks
10. Kansas State Wildcats
11. Oklahoma Sooners
12. Alabama Crimson Tide
12. Michigan State Spartans
14. UCLA Bruins
15. Oklahoma State Cowboys
16. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
17. Texas A&M Aggies
18. Georgia Bulldogs
19. Marshall Thundering Herd
20. East Carolina Pirates
21. Arizona State Sun Devils
22. Nebraska Cornhuskers
23. Utah Utes
24. Missouri Tigers
25. Minnesota Golden Gophers