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Kickin' it Big 12 Style: TCU 31, West Virginia 30

The Frogs overcome offensive struggles on the road and take advantage of numerous Mountaineer miscues to come up with a huge win on the road.

It's not from this game, but Oberkrom deserves the image.
It's not from this game, but Oberkrom deserves the image.
Tom Pennington

Trevone Boykin didn't have a good game, going 12-30 for just 166 yards.

The TCU return team didn't have a good game, often going backwards and pulling a Tech by failing to recover a short skykick.

The TCU run defense didn't have a good game, giving up 162 yards on the ground (about 100 in the first half).

TCU didn't have a good start, falling behind 13-0 before getting a first down.

But the TCU back 7 had a really good game, and the TCU running game had a really good game, and you know what?  That was enough.  Boykin came through in the clutch, delivering a great ball to Listenbee (who had been quiet all day) to move the Frogs into field goal range, the Frog running game continued it's stellar play and pounding the ball into the guts of the West Virginia defense and Jaden Oberkrom came through with a redemptive 37 yard field goal as time expired (to give TCU just its second lead of the game).

Let's talk about the TCU defense though.  After struggling early against the run, the TCU defense forced turnover after turnover to attempt to keep the Frogs in it, only for Boykin and the offense to come away with nothing their first three attempts.  Still, the defense never quit and continued to batter Clint Trickett and force West Virginia into turnovers that let the Frogs stay in the game and eventually pull out the win at the end.  There's a lot more to write about this game, but for right now what's important is that the Big 12 Championship dream is still very much alive for TCU after its biggest road test of the season.  Don't forget to smile everyone!


Go Frogs.Smile