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Game Week: TCU visits the Jayhawks

TCU heads to Lawrence to battle Kansas, who is coming off of a win, and there's a possibility of snow. Should the Frogs be worried about a trap game?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Twice a year Kansas fans look at the basketball schedule and know for a fact they'll get a win, because they're playing TCU. Once a year, TCU fans take a look at the football schedule and know for a fact they'll get a win, because they're playing Kansas.

But should it be that simple?TCU hasn't exactly destroyed Kansas in either of their two Big 12 contests. Think about this.

TCU has only beaten Kansas by an average of 12 points per game. 12 points. They've turned the ball over nine times in those two contests (7 fumbles, 2 interceptions), and have forced only 4.

Meanwhile, Kansas is coming off of a dominant win against Iowa State. They beat the Cyclones by 19 points, which is a better margin of victory against Iowa State than Kansas State, Texas, and Oklahoma State, and only two fewer points than what Baylor beat them by.

In that win the Jayhawks totaled 514 yards of offense, including 286 passing yards and two 100-yard rushers.

Now, is TCU's defense better than Iowa State's? Obviously. But I'm not sure this is a game that the Frogs can just sleepwalk into and cruise. They'll win, no doubt, but these last three games are about style points, and the Frogs can't afford another West Virginia-like effort.

Plus, the high is supposed to be 37-degrees, with a 50% chance of snow, and we all remember what happened the last time Boykin tried to throw a cold, wet football. Hopefully Doug Meacham will utilize the same gameplan as this past Saturday and run, run, run, then run some more.

Kansas quarterback Michael Cummings has been an improvement over Montell Cozart since taking over as quarterback at halftime of the West Virginia game five games ago. In four games as the starter (vs. Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor and Iowa State) he's completed 61.2% of his passes for 272 yards and 1.25 touchdowns per game. He's also only thrown two interceptions.

Again, TCU won't lose this game, but should we be taking the Jayhawks so lightly?

Maybe I'm just being over-cautious, and yes, this new offense will very likely make this a blowout in the first half, but I can't stress enough how bad a flop in this game would hurt the Frogs. Something to keep an eye on, Baylor beat them by 46, 60-14, and Bryce Petty didn't even finish the third quarter.

The Frogs will win this game, no doubt, but by how much? It's a question that we have to ask, and we have to hope for more than 60.