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TCU Horned Frogs Move To No. 4 in College Football Playoff Rankings, Remain Ahead of Baylor

Thanks to an Auburn loss and a big win over Kansas State, TCU has moved up to No. 4 in the College Football Playoff Rankings, three spots ahead of Baylor at No. 7.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This week's College Football Playoff rankings have been released by the committee, and the TCU Horned Frogs have jumped from No. 6 to No. 4. The Frogs benefited from an Auburn loss to Texas A&M, and they helped themselves with a 41-20 victory over then-No. 7 Kansas State. TCU remains ranked ahead of No. 7 Baylor, who destroyed Oklahoma in Norman 48-14, their first ever win at Oklahoma, and their first win on the road against a ranked team in their last 38 attempts.

TCU also jumped Alabama, who struggled to put away No. 17 LSU in Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile, West Virginia dropped out of the rankings after a 33-16 loss to Texas. Oklahoma dropped out of the rankings as well after their embarrassing loss to the Bears.

Early season opponent Minnesota (7-2), whom TCU beat 30-7, also popped into the rankings at No. 25 after a thorough beating of Iowa.

Something interesting to note is that Oregon jumped Florida State to take over the No. 2 spot in the rankings. If the playoffs were to start today, the four teams in would be  Mississippi State, Oregon, Florida State and TCU.

Obviously these last four weeks are crucial for both the Horned Frogs and Baylor. TCU needs to win big in their remaining three games to have a chance of staying ahead of Baylor, who has the more difficult game remaining on either schedule, facing off against now No. 13 Kansas State in Waco on December 6.

However, there's a decent buffer between TCU and Baylor, showing that the committee seems to value strength of schedule ahead of head to head. Take that for what you will.

It's going to be a race to the finish line, and you'd better believe both schools will hammer away at why they should be the Big 12 representative in the first-ever College Football Playoff.

Here's the full Top 25.

Rank Team Last week Week 11 result Toughest opponent left (per F/+) If the season ended today ...
1 Mississippi State (9-0) 1 Won 45-16 vs. Tennessee-Martin Alabama Sugar Bowl vs. TCU
2 Oregon (9-1) 4 Won 51-27 at No. 17 Utah Oregon State Rose Bowl vs. Florida State
3 Florida State (9-0) 2 Won 34-20 vs. Virginia Miami Rose Bowl vs. Oregon
4 TCU (8-1) 6 Won 41-20 vs. No. 7 Kansas State Texas Sugar Bowl vs. Mississippi State
5 Alabama (8-1) 5 Won 20-13 (OT) at No. 16 LSU Auburn Orange Bowl vs. Clemson
6 Arizona State (8-1) 14 Won 55-31 vs. No. 10 Notre Dame Arizona New Year's bowl
7 Baylor (8-1) 13 Won 48-14 at No. 15 Oklahoma Kansas State New Year's bowl
8 Ohio State (8-1) 14 Won 49-37 at No. 8 Michigan State Minnesota New Year's bowl
9 Auburn (7-2) 3 Lost 41-38 vs. Texas A&M Alabama New Year's bowl
10 Ole Miss (8-2) 12 Won 48-0 vs. Presbyterian Mississippi State New Year's bowl
11 UCLA (8-2) 18 Won 44-30 at Washington USC New Year's bowl
12 Michigan State (7-2) 8 Lost 49-37 vs. No. 14 Ohio State Maryland
13 Kansas State (7-2) 7 Lost 41-20 at No. 6 TCU Baylor
14 Arizona (7-2) 19 Won 38-20 vs. Colorado Arizona State
15 Georgia (7-2) 20 Won 63-31 at Kentucky Auburn
16 Nebraska (8-1) 13 Idle Wisconsin
17 LSU (7-3) 16 Lost 20-13 (OT) vs. No. 5 Alabama Arkansas
18 Notre Dame (7-2) 10 Lost 55-31 at No. 9 Arizona State Louisville
19 Clemson (7-2) 21 Won 34-20 at Wake Forest Georgia Tech Orange Bowl vs. Alabama
20 Wisconsin (7-2) 25 Won 34-16 at Purdue Nebraska
21 Duke (8-1) 22 Won 27-10 at Syracuse Virginia Tech
22 Georgia Tech (8-2) 24 Won 56-23 at NC State Georgia
23 Utah (6-3) 17 Lost 51-27 vs. No. 4 Oregon Arizona
24 Texas A&M (7-3) NR Won 41-38 at No. 3 Auburn LSU
25 Minnesota (7-2) NR Won 51-14 vs. Iowa Ohio State