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Friday Focus: Keys to Victory - Rock that Chalk

Playoffs, Baylor, Rankings... blah blah blah. We still have football games left to play! And we HAVE to win them and in CONVINCING fashion. What will it take to whip the Big 12's favorite whipping boy?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I for one can't possibly read another troll so hard comment from a Baylor on the facebook page or even open ODB, and couldn't be more happy to get away from the playoff talk and back to focusing on the things we can control, like winning football games (I am using the royal we here, of course. Unless you want me to suit up, Coach P?) And we have a very significant one tomorrow - not because it's Kansas, but because it's another opportunity to showcase not only our offense, but the dominant, destructive, dastardly D that has taken over the conference and frankly is the reason we have maintained our lofty status in the eyes of the committee. We all know, from here on out, winning won't be enough; it will taking winning big over the dregs of the conference and taking advantage of our last statement game opportunity on Turkey Day. But for now? We are on to Kansas.

CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL: I feel like a broken record, but with every win, the pressure mounts, and it gets easier and easier to start looking ahead. The Frogs will go to Lawrence knowing that they are ranked fourth in the country, that they are in the playoff picture, and that they are recognized as one of the top four teams in college football. But it's November 15th, Not December 7th, and there is no guarantee they stay there. The Heisman chatter has started right back up, and we all remember how that worked out for the Frog O the last time that happened - you can blame that on the conditions, but those conditions were similar to what TCU will face tomorrow. Boykin played like a man possessed last week, and while he won't need a super human performance to beat KU, he needs to come out focused and leading like he has all year.

POUND THE ROCK: Sleet, snow, cold - it will not be pleasant in Lawrence tomorrow afternoon. There has been no new news on B.J. Catalon, though Aaron Green showed he can more than carry the load if Catalon is out for another game. Deante' Gray looks like he will be back, and Kolby Listenbee (who got a little banged up late against K State) practiced Wednesday as well, but even if those guys are back and Josh Doctson is finally back to 100%, this game will likely be won on the ground. Green, Boykin, Trevorris Johnson, and Kyle Hicks need to rack up the yards, rack up the first downs, and not force Boykin to control the game through the air in the conditions. KU isn't actually a bad defensive team - they have only allowed 30 points per game, but the Frog O should overwhelm them. The Frogs dominated the Cats with the run game, and more of the same will go a long way to putting down KU, too.

DOMINANT D: Style points might not be a factor, but the committee will certainly be looking at final scores. It won't be enough to beat the Jayhawks, TCU will need to shut them down in the process. The O doesn't necessarily need to try and run up the score, but the D needs to do everything they can to keep Kansas out of the end zone. Forcing turnovers, sacking the QB, and completely shutting down the KU run game will be key. Kansas only gains 340 yards per game - hold them under 300. They run for 130 a game? Keep them under 100. Pass for 209 a game? Not tomorrow - needs to be less than 175. I never want to assume a win, and I mean no disrespect here, but the goal needs to be WIN, WIN BIG, and don't let KU get ANYTHING. A field goal or two might be ok, but they can't afford to give up a garbage time score. Baylor allowed two TDs, the Frogs goal should be to not allow any.

WIN THE TURNOVER BATTLE: The last time TCU played in inclement weather (at WVU), they turned it over twice, but forced five on their way to a one point victory on the road. Forcing five against a Kansas team that has actually taken good care of the ball this season would make a statement, as KU only gives the ball away 1.5 times per game; though they did lose three fumbles against the Bears. The Frogs need to hold on to the ball and take it away from the Jayhawks, and win the TO margin in convincing fashion, and a defensive score wouldn't hurt the cause. Let's be honest - we are playing two opponents each game from here on out - the one on the field and the box score from that team's game against the Bears.

WIN AND GO HOME: The Frogs need to win and get out in one piece, and get ready for the next game. We can't overlook Kansas, but they got their one Big 12 win, now they can start thinking about basketball season. No injuries, no slip ups, no turnovers. Take your W and get back on the plane.

Leave your keys in the comments and GO FROGS!