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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 11

Here are the staff picks for Week 11.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I'll have updated stands for everyone tomorrow.


Oklahoma 34, Texas Tech 28 - OU is decimated by injuries, but even at partial strength they're still good enough to beat the dumpster fire that is the remnants of Tech. A defensive touchdown proves to be the difference for the Sooners, as Tech keeps it close but can't over come the Crimson and cream.

Texas 31, Oklahoma State 21 - Texas won't get caught looking ahead to their Turkey Day showdown against #4 TCU (just had to slip that in there) as they will be able to shut down the Pokes offense on their way to bowl eligibility. Swoopes has looked better and better and the UT run game should run all over the Cowboys D.

TCU 52, Kansas 9 - TCU has to make a statement in this game, and the pressure to do so much will make for a sloppy first quarter in some less than ideal wintry conditions. But in the second, Cumbie and Meacham turn the offense over to the running backs, and they reward them with a combined 400 yards rushing and four scores on the day. Boykin is sharp enough when called upon, and takes a seat late in the third with the Frogs comfortably ahead. The D puts up another impressive performance, forcing four turnovers and scoring once, and the Frogs get out of Lawrence with a much needed win and their health.

Mississippi State 23, Alabama 21
Auburn 35, Georgia 34
Miami 31, Florida State 28
Minnesota 31, Ohio State 27
Wisconsin 38, Nebraska 31
Clemson 31, Georgia Tech 27

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma 35, Texas Tech 27 - Without Trevor Knight, the Sooners get an ugly win in the LBK. Stoops' hot seat cools off a bit as he'll win out.

Texas 23, Oklahoma State 20 - The Pokes and Longhorns are both fighting for a bowl game. In addition to this game, the Horns only have the TCU matchup on Thanksgiving, whereas Oklahoma State has Baylor and Oklahoma. Needless to say, this is the best chance for both teams. Texas played great last week. But I'm going to take it with a grain of salt. West Virginia came off of an exhausting, emotional loss against our beloved Frogs, and the Horns took advantage of that. They did play their best game yet, and should play a great one in Stillwater. However, though Texas is still a big trap game for TCU, Swoops and the offense still has some big steps before they can pull off a bigger upset.

TCU 56, Kansas 17 - Kansas' defense isn't terrible. But I think they already played their best game of the season last week against Iowa State, proving they're no longer the worst team in the conference. That being said, they're still not that great and despite the weather, TCU gets it done pretty easily on the road. I'd be really surprised if Boykin plays the majority of the second half.

No. 5 Alabama 28 vs. No. 1 Mississippi State 24
No. 15 Georgia 17 vs. No. 9 Auburn 31
Miami 45 vs. No. 3 Florida State 48
No. 25 Minnesota 20 vs. No. 8 Ohio State 23
No. 20 Wisconsin 35 vs. No. 16 Nebraska 38
No. 22 Georgia Tech 37  vs. No. 19 Clemson 42

Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma 30, Texas Tech 20 - The Sooners going without Trevor Knight will put the ball in the hands of its running backs early and often, somthing that we've seen Texas Tech struggle against all year.  This is close, but in the end I have to give it to the Sooners, even on the road.

Texas 23, Oklahoma State 13 - It's all about momentum in this one- while Texas is finding itself on offense to dig out of a very bad start, OSU is falling apart worse with each passing week.  The Longhorns win and get bowl eligible, while the Cowboys take another lump on a disappointing season.

TCU 70, Kansas 6 - Boykin wants to make up for his previous rough outing outside the state of Texas and he lets his feet do the work in this one, guiding TCU to a 70%+ conversion rate on third down and running the Jayhawk defense ragged.  Eventually Kansas will break through and get a score of some kind, simply because of the number of possessions that they get, but I'm expecting single digits from the hosts.

Alabama 28, Mississippi State 24
Georgia 40, Auburn 38
Miami 23, Florida State 21
Ohio State 31, Minnesota 27
Nebraska 40, Wisconsin 24

Georgia Tech 38, Clemson 20

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma 38, Texas Tech 20 - The Sooners are without Trevor Knight but they're still going to come out pissed after their flub against Baylor. Tech doesn't really stand a chance in this game.

Texas 27, Oklahoma State 17 - Texas' defense is solid and their offense is improving. Fortunately for TCU they become bowl eligible before playing the Frogs on Thanksgiving.

TCU 49, Kansas 0 - TCU's defense will not let Kansas score. At all. The offense will score a bunch. That's all we need to know about this game.

Mississippi State 31, Alabama 24
Auburn 35, Georgia 28
Florida State 30, Miami 20
Ohio State 31, Minnesota17
Nebraska 42, Wisconsin 21

Georgia Tech 35, Clemson 10