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A Root of a Game: TCU 34, Kansas 30

The Frogs pull out an ugly win in an incredibly sloppy game on the road to move one game closer to a share of the Big 12 championship.

Nothing came easy today.
Nothing came easy today.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This is what happens when you peek ahead and let a team hang around.  The Frogs somehow survived on the road against Kansas in a game where the defense was caught flatfooted again and again and somehow every break turned the Jayhawks way- starting with two fortuitous miscues on special teams to give the Jayhawks their first points which let the Jayhawks not only hang around all game, but lead for most of it.  Finally though in the fourth quarter the defense stepped up and the co-OCs went to the ground game and the Frogs were able to do what they've done nine times so far this season- win a game.  In the end that's what matters most, as for all the talk about playoff seeding and style points, the most important thing for the Frogs is to win each game on their schedule and win at least a share of the Big 12 championship.  Although it may not be the best thing for our seeding, a game like this may be the perfect launching pad for the remaining games of the season, as Patterson is sure to remind the players that no matter how good everyone says they are, they're always just a few bounces, a few kicks, a few tipped passes that could have been interceptions away from everything disappearing.  An important lesson for any team to learn, and the good part is that it came in a win.  Will the committee care about the weather conditions on the road in Lawrence?  Will the Frogs continue to get the benefit of the doubt with the Minnesota situation?  I don't know, and this edition of the polls may be the most nerve racking of them all, but the important thing is- we're alive to find out.

Also Ty Slanina is awesome.

Go Frogs.