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Thursday Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 13

With a Thursday night matchup, the picks come early. Updated stats will come with the Around the Big 12 on Sunday.

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Big 12

West Virginia vs. No. 12 Kansas State

Jamie Plunkett

Kansas State 30, West Virginia 27 - West Virginia is a tough place to play. We've figured that out, Baylor definitely figured that out, and Kansas State will too. However, unlike Baylor, the other Purple people will also go up to Morgantown and come away with a win.


K State 31, West Virginia 21 - K State does what Baylor could not, win on the road in Morgantown, keeping their slim hopes of a share of the Big 12 title alive. The Eers are in a tailspin, and the Cats kick them while their down as Lockett and Waters both have big games. The defense is all over the field, forcing three turnovers, as Trickett and continue to struggle down the stretch.

Marshall Weber

Kansas State 41, West Virginia 31 - I just think the Mountaineers are out of steam at this point. Both teams have something to prove, but Kansas State just has more to prove and more on the line right now. Waters and Lockett have a big day in Morgantown and pull away late 3rd quarter and shut down Trickett and White in the 4th.

Hawkeyed Frog

West Virgina 38, Kansas State 27 - The Mountaineers are an entirely different team at home than on the road, and they'll be eager for a big performance after getting pasted in Austin last week.  The Wildcats don't have an answer for Kevin White, and the KSU running game isn't strong enough to balance the offense, meaning that Jake Waters would have to essentially win the game on his own- he can't pull it out in the end.

No. 21 Oklahoma vs. Kansas

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma 35, Kansas 21 - This game would be more lopsided, but without Trevor Knight the Sooners have looked hapless. They were losing to Tech for the majority of the game, and Tech is awful. I'm also sure that after a win and an almost win, Kansas is doing nothing but gain confidence.


Oklahoma 27, Kansas 17 - Kansas emptied the chamber against TCU, and the Jayhawks will suffer the same fate as just about every team the Frogs have played this year - suffering a tough loss the week after getting beat up by TCU the week before. The Jayhawks have had an epically bad week - suffering through the gut punch loss to the Frogs then seeing their basketball team get obliterated by Kentucky. Good news KU - you have certainly found your QB and quite possibly your coach. This will be a team on the rise for sure.

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma 45, Kansas 20 - Kansas is getting better. But they took advantage of a very tired TCU team on their senior day in Lawrence. That's the best performance from them we'll see the rest of the year. Despite everything going on in Stoops' world, he gets it done pretty easily at home.

Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma 24, Kansas 18 - If it were in Lawrence I might well take the Jayhawks, but the Sooners pound away with their new bread and butter on the ground and keep the Jayhawks off the field in Norman.  Still, another performance that makes the KU athletic department look hard at keeping Clint Bowen around after the season.

Iowa State vs. Texas Tech

Jamie Plunkett

Texas Tech 48, Iowa State 20 - Texas Tech is probably pissed that they let the Oklahoma game slip through their fingers. They'll take it out on poor Iowa State.


Iowa State 34, Texas Tech 28 - You win. No, you win. No, you win... someone has to win this game. Iowa State is just a little less worse than the Red Raiders right now I suppose, they get them at home, and Tech is more worried about making up stories about Coach P than winning football games anyway.

Marshall Weber

Texas Tech 49, Iowa State 45 - Neither of these teams are very good. Both defenses are pretty bad. And despite their quarterback situation (Testaverde for Prez), the Red Raiders' offense out muscles Iowa State in Ames.

Hawkeyed Frog

Texas Tech 23, Iowa State 10 - It's quit bowl 2014 as the worst teams in the Big 12 come together to see who wants their season to be slightly less of a heaping mess.  I think Tech takes the win as the team is still fighting hard and seems to be improving week-to-week, while Iowa State is regressing into bad habits and can't tackle.  Raiders win and get a little momentum before Baylor.

No. 7 Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor 56, Oklahoma State 10 - Baylor is looking to impress the committee by beating teams worse than TCU did, and it starts with the Pokes.


Baylor 42, Oklahoma State 31 - OSU puts up a good fight, but the Bears overwhelm them, though the Pokes score a couple garbage time touchdowns to make it look closer than it was, and make the Frog's victory look slightly more impressive. Briles, that bastion of running up the score, will try his best, but Petty doesn't look quite as sharp as he's capable of playing and the Bears suffer slightly for it.

Marshall Weber

Baylor 38, Oklahoma State 14 - Not to pour salt in an open wound--but you have to think Stillwater is kicking themselves for not hiring Doug Meacham. The Pokes' offense the last four games have gone like this 9-10-14-7. They'll need all of that, and then some, to beat Baylor in Waco on Saturday. However, Baylor is human and you can't blame them for wanting to look ahead to Kansas State and beyond. Thus I wouldn't be surprised by an upset here. It's just not likely.

Hawkeyed Frog

Baylor 33, Oklahoma State 17 - With Daxx Garman out, any offensive production on behalf of the Cowboys is an absolute crapshoot.  That said, the Cowboy defense absolutely wrecked Baylor last year, and I think they keep things from getting too out of hand.  No style points for the Bears this week, and look for them to be locked in at #7 again in the next rankings.

Around the Country

No. 17 Utah vs. No. 15 Arizona

Jamie Plunkett - Arizona 38, Utah 35

coachmelissa - Utah 34, Arizona 28

Marshall Weber - Utah 42, Arizona 30

Hawkeyed Frog - Utah 30, Arizona 28

No. 22 Nebraska vs. No. 25 Minnesota

Jamie Plunkett - Nebraska 31, Minnesota 27

coachmelissa - Minnesota 27, Nebraska 24

Marshall Weber - Minnesota 28, Nebraska 24

Hawkeyed Frog - Minnesota 34, Nebraska 24

Iowa vs. No. 16 Wisconsin

Jamie Plunkett - Wisconsin 49, Iowa 20

coachmelissa - Wisconsin 38, Iowa 17

Marshall Weber - Wisconsin 35, Iowa 10

Hawkeyed Frog - Wisconsin 56, Iowa 17

Notre Dame vs. No. 24 Louisville

Jamie Plunkett - Louisville 28, Notre Dame 17

coachmelissa - Notre Dame 31, Louisville 28

Marshall Weber - Louisville 24, Notre Dame 21

Hawkeyed Frog - Notre Dame 20, Louisville 10