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Frogs Stuff Longhorns, make playoff pitch: TCU 48, UT 10

TCU's defense smothered the Longhorns, and the offense kept pressing until they broke through late, giving the Frogs their biggest ever win in Austin

Turnovers for everyone!
Turnovers for everyone!
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't start pretty for the frogs on offense, but TCU showed that they have a playoff caliber defense to go along with an offense that can wear people down throughout a game even if the big plays aren't connecting.  TCU's defense dominated the Longhorns all night, with Texas only success coming off of swing passes to the running backs, and cashing in two defensive touchdowns.  This was a fired up Texas team that had looked really good in its previous three outings, dominating West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to secure a bowl bid, and the Frogs just didn't let them into the game at any point.  This is exactly the performance we needed to impress pollsters and wash the image of the Kansas game out of the committee's mind, even if TCU's offense didn't perform at the consistent level we expected.  Boykin looked mortal for much of the night, but came on strong in the fourth quarter to put an exclamation point on the win, and he kept fighting even on a night when the TCU offensive line struggled with the Texas D-line, committing penalties and letting them into the backfield repeatedly.

There's a lot to be thankful about in this game, but the Frogs performed well in all three phases of the game, and frankly, it could have been a bigger margin of victory than it was.

And of course, ending with a 38 point margin of victory, five points more than I predicted over at BON, was nice.  Celebrate and let us know your favorite moments of the game here, and now we can relax for this weekend and hope for the results we need to secure us a playoff spot.  Absolutely wonderful game.

Go Frogs.