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Frogs O' War Friday Staff Picks: Week 11

Can anyone catch up to Marshall!??

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Current Standings

1. Marshall - 71-6

2. Hawk - 64 -13

3. coachmelissa - 62-15

4. Jamie - 60-17

Big 12

No. 15 Oklahoma vs. No. 12 Baylor


Oklahoma 34, Baylor 31 - Maybe this is more of a hope than an actual prediction, but if ever there was a time for OU to show up big this season, 11am Saturday would be ideal. Trevor Knight has been more inconsistent than just about any QB in the country this year, but he had a big day last week, and maybe that will be the spark the O needs. OU can run the ball, and if they don't turn it over, they might be able to keep Baylor off the field enough to make things interesting. The Bears have not been good on the road - they barely escaped Texas and lost at WVU - and even though some of the luster is off of the Sooners in Norman, they are still very tough at home. OU pulls the upset and opens the door for TCU (or K State) to control their own destiny for a Big 12 title.

Marshall Weber
Oklahoma 41, Baylor 28 - Remember the bad luck from last week? Oklahoma unleashes the fury from the TCU and Kansas State losses, as well as the big 12-41 loss against the Bears in Waco last year. The Sooners' defense plays as good as ever and shuts down Bryce Petty--despite KD Canon's best efforts. Oklahoma prevents massive chaos in the Big 12 and keeps the conference's playoff hopes alive.
Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma 48, Baylor 31- There's an old saying in sports that you never bet against the streak- Baylor has never won in Norman, and with their Jekyll and Hyde appearances based on if they're at home or on the road it's hard to feel good about them sneaking out with a win when OU seems to have finally found their groove.  Oklahoma wins comfortably.

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor 42, Oklahoma 27 - Oklahoma's home turf has been invaded and conquered more than usual in recent years, and Baylor is looking for a statement win to push them up in the rankings. TCU needs OU to win, but I'm not sure it happens.

Texas vs. No. 23 West Virginia


West Virginia 37, Texas 28 - UT's offense has improved dramatically from the start of conference play, and they should be able to move the ball against what is assuredly a broken hearted Eers squad. I expect the first half to be close, as WVU tries to get their bearings, but in the second half, the offense will be too much Swoopes and co to keep up with, especially while being pummeled by the aggressive, blitzing, WVU D. (the other) Kevin White has had a quiet couple of games, but will breakout against Texas, gaining over 100 yards with two scores.

Marshall Weber

West Virginia 35, Texas 20 - The Mountaineers, mad from last week, beat Texas pretty easily in Austin. The other Kevin White gets back to form an has a big day at DRK. The Longhorns once again show pockets of brilliance, but just can't get it done--and bowless season not unlike 2010 is looking more and more likely.

Hawkeyed Frog

West Virginia 27, Texas 21- It's a struggle, as the Mountaineers have to deal with both playing on the road and the emotional letdown of the week before.  Still, West Virginia's defense keeps the Mountaineers in this one long enough for the offense to find itself once more, and the Mountaineers remain in the hunt should the Frogs drop another conference game (or the Cats drop 2).

Jamie Plunkett

West Virginia 38, Texas 17 - West Virginia is pissed off after last week, and they'll take it out on Texas today. Go 'Eers.

Kansas vs. Iowa State


Kansas 24, Iowa State 20 - In the battle to not be the Big 12's worst, the Jayhawks get their lone conference win of the season at home against the Cyclones. I think ISU is the better team, but KU has made strides weekly, and have shown some signs of life since they dropped Charlie Weis.

Marshall Weber

Iowa State 24, Kansas 20 - The Jayhawks get something to be proud of, but Iowa State ends up putting it away in Lawrence.

Hawkeyed Frog

Iowa State 40, Kansas 24- Welcome to the ugliest game of the season so far.  Iowa State has shown that they can score points when the situation is just right, and Paul Rhoads coached teams never seem to quit.  Kansas is playing harder for their new coach than they did for the last one, but ISU is simply a better team.

Jamie Plunkett

Iowa State 27, Kansas 20 - This is a game that no one should be forced to watch, unfortunately for both teams, they have to play it. It's an opportunity for them both to get what will likely be their only conference win of the season, so you know they'll be amped to get it. Kansas is so, so bad, that Iowa State would really have to screw up to lose.

No. 6 TCU vs. No. 7 Kansas State


TCU 34, Kansas State 27 - This should be a heck of a ball game, at home, under the lights, between two excellent, well-coached football teams. I expect to see the Trevone of 2014, controlling the game with his arm and his legs, making great reads and making defenses pay when he gets time in the pocket with deep balls to Listenbee and Gray. Doctson should be much healthier after another week or rest, but if Catalon is out, that would certainly be a big loss. That being said, if TCU is able to play at the speed any tempo they have played at for the vast majority of the season, they will overwhelm a good Cats D. Making Waters one dimensional will also be key - while he isn't the running threat that Boykin is, he can make and extend plays with his feet very effectively. Lockett is another great receiver, but after seeing what Kevin White and co did against the Mountaineers group, they should be able to contain him. This game may very well come down to the turnover battle - if TCU continues to dominate the +/-, they should be in good shape.

Marshall Weber

TCU 38, Kansas State 27 - With Gray and Docston banged up, offensively, TCU wins the game on ground and with killshots to Kolby Listenbee. Cliff Murphy's blocking is rewarded with a pop pass touchdown from Boykin, using KState's playbook against them. Cumbie and Meacham also get sneaky and Cameron Echols-Luper throws a trick play touchdown. But the game is truly won by the TCU defense: Leading the Big 12 in turnover margin, the Frogs, like they did against West Virginia, force a handful of turnovers--and the blackout adds to the Wildcats playing uncharacteristically sloppy. Unlike the game in Morgantown, however--they actually capitalize on them and get the big win at home.

Hawkeyed Frog
TCU 48, KSU 40-  In a tight contest, it's safest to pick the home team- and in this case, that's the homer team as well.  I think Boykin has a great bounce back game, and makes the correct reads and throws- it'll be up to an injured wide receiver group to haul them in.  On the other side, KSU isn't likely to gift us the turnovers we've been thriving on this year, so the defense may struggle a bit (particularly early).  In the end, I think TCU has the better quarterback and running game, so they're my pick.

Jamie Plunkett

TCU 30, Kansas State 28 - I think this is going to be another relatively low-scoring affair, with TCU once again coming out on top thanks to a last second field goal from Jaden Oberkrom. Without B.J. Catalon, and with Deante Gray and Josh Doctson still not 100%, this offense will get off to a slow start, as they did against West Virginia. Both teams have great defenses that know how to take the ball away, so ball security will be at a premium. Frogs come out on top, because if I picked against them, I'd be Fungo.

Around the Country

No. 16 LSU vs. No. 5 Alabama

coachmelissa - Alabama 37, LSU 21
Marshall Weber - Alabama 23, LSU 17
Hawkeyed Frog - Alabama 27, LSU 10
Jamie Plunkett - LSU 24, Alabama 17

No. 8 Michigan State vs. No. 14 Ohio State

coachmelissa - Michigan State 24, Ohio State 21
Marshall Weber - Ohio State 41, Michigan State 38
Hawkeyed Frog - Michigan State 20, Ohio State 17
Jamie Plunkett - Michigan State 30, Ohio State 24

No. 9 Arizona State vs. No. 10 Notre Dame

coachmelissa - Notre Dame 34, Arizona State 24
Marshall Weber - Notre Dame 35, Arizona State 2
Hawkeyed Frog - Arizona State 56, Notre Dame 30
Jamie Plunkett - Arizona State 45, Notre Dame 35

No. 17 Utah vs. No. 4 Oregon

coachmelissa - Oregon 42, Utah 35
Marshall Weber - Oregon 45, Utah 35
Hawkeyed Frog - Utah 37, Oregon 24
Jamie Plunkett - Utah 38, Oregon 35

Boston College vs. Louisville

coachmelissa - Louisville 31, Boston College 24
Marshall Weber - Louisville 20, Boston College 10
Hawkeyed Frog - Louisville 28, Boston College 9
Jamie Plunkett - Louisville 35, Boston College 28