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Redemption: TCU Manhandles #7 Kansas State 41-20

The Frogs leave no doubt in the biggest game in Amon Carter stadium in almost 80 years.

Invite this man to New York and give him trophies.  Nice ones.
Invite this man to New York and give him trophies. Nice ones.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In an electric environment with the eyes of the nation on them, Trevone Boykin came up with a performance for the ages, easily compensating for the lack of a few key players due to injuries.  There was some definite concern on the Frogs side when it was announced that both B.J. Catalon and Deante Gray would miss the game due to injury, but Trevone Boykin simply took more of the responsibility for the offense on himself, making pinpoint throws and great reads on when to run to not only make a few easy scores, but to set up the run game in the second half in a big way.  There may actually be a bit of controversy at the running back position when Catalon is deemed healthy again, as Aaron Green not only ran the ball physically, but showed off the explosion and the cuts that made him a five star recruit out of high school.  There were the few warts that we've come to expect- the secondary giving up a huge play early, Cameron Echols-Luper letting a punt hit the ground (though happily, the Frogs recovered this one), but by and large this was a complete and thorough beating of the #7 team in the nation.  The pollsters will vote as they like, but I have a hard time understanding any arguments that will keep the Frogs out of one of the playoff spots when the rankings come out next week- this team is playing incredible football right now, and woe to those who we have to play the rest of the way.

Also, the TCU defense is really, really good- if it's possible for a TCU defense to be underrated, these guys are.

We'll leave it at that, enjoy the biggest home win in 79 years.

Go Frogs.