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Merry Christmas from Frogs O' War

Have yourselves a Froggy little Christmas.

This is actually the tree outside the HawkeyedHouse.
This is actually the tree outside the HawkeyedHouse.

TCU athletics has been in the giving mood all year, it seems, as the baseball team reached the College World Series, the football team won their first Big 12 championship and the basketball team has achieved its first AP ranking in almost 16 years- It's hard to ask for much more than that.  However, the staff of FoW has been given so much more than that as the months have rolled around to the festive season- our little community has grown in leaps and bounds, and the camaraderie that you all have helped create has been felt in a big way by all of us.  You've given us the gifts of your time, your support, your wit, your opinions, your insight and your image folders to help make this (in my opinion) the best place for TCU sports in the world.  Though we live all over Texas, the United State and even in strange foreign lands like Australia, we are all members of the FoW family- and on days like this, that's something to celebrate.

So on behalf of all the writers, we hope you have a very wonderful Christmas, and that you get everything you asked for this year (probably some Big 12 Championship swag).  Hopefully the TCU football team will give us one more gift for the year in a few days time- a Peach Bowl Trophy.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!