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Saturday Links O'War: December 27th, 2014

Freeze's admiration, Ole Miss' diversity, and a friendly hate week message from our friends at Red Cup Rebellion.

Here are your Saturday links.


Ole Miss diversity on offense catches TCU’s attention:

“You’re not going to put TCU on film and be unaware of their talent at every position,” he said. “Because you’ve seen that throughout the SEC West grind. That doesn’t mean that we’ve played better teams, because as a team, this TCU team is really good.”
Freeze said an opponent of TCU’s quality has held his team’s attention, particularly the offense.


If there's one thing good friends like to do, it's rag on each other's sports teams. So when one of my best friends from high school went to TCU, I had no choice but to begin incessantly hating on the Horned Frogs.
TCU and Ole Miss never played each other in one of the Big Three during our undergrad years, so our arguments remained purely hypothetical.
"Y'all play in the fucking Mountain West," I would say. "The SEC is top-heavy," he would retort.

And so the conversation went.

Studying TCU defense time consuming for Freeze:

Said Freeze: “I’ve gotten to know Gary and his crew over the last few years, and there’s simply one way to put it: they operate with pure class.”

Freeze said the two first talked in 2011, shortly after he was promoted to head coach at Arkansas State. There were members of TCU’s staff that were interested in joining him with the Red Wolves, Freeze said, and he and Patterson talked during that process.