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Tennessee State @ #25 TCU Horned Frogs Gamethead

The Frogs look to close out their non-conference season with a 13-0 record as the Tennessee State Tigers head to Fort Worth.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs are hitting the floor to defend their top 25 ranking one more time before conference play begins next Saturday against West Virginia (man, I never thought I'd be writing that this season. Year of the Frog indeed) as the Tennessee Tigers arrive in Fort Worth. The Tigers are... not a very good basketball team this year, checking in at 2-11, the bottom of the Ohio Valley Conference standings and as the losers of their last ten games. If TCU wants to show that the #25 next to their name has some meaning, this is not a team that should be taking the frogs to the wire- though the Tigers have been within single digits in many of their losses this season. The Tigers are a very young team (only one senior and 12 new players this year) and are led by the youngest head coach in the NCAA, so this may be an opportunity for an aggressive defense (particularly Kyan Anderson) to force some turnovers and create easy baskets on the other end to establish a comfortable cushion. This would be the first time in the modern era that TCU has finished their non-conference schedule undefeated, so let's get another win and have everyone in the conference looking up at us for at least a week.

This is your gamethread for live chat and analysis of the Tennessee State game, so feel free to comment as you like!

Go Frogs.