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Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Staff Picks

For one final time in 2014 the staff gets their predictions out into the world.

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Current Standings

Standings? What standings? I think some guy like Marshall did really well, but I can't be too sure.

No. 6 TCU vs. No. 9 Ole Miss - Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Jamie Plunkett

TCU 30, Ole Miss 28 - This is going to be an incredible game, without a doubt. It's the age-old story of an unstoppable force vs. an immovable object. Both teams will bend, neither will truly "break," and it will come down to #collegekickers to determine the outcome. Whether that's Jaden Oberkrom drilling one from 50 for the win, or one of Ole Miss' two kickers missing, I don't know.

It's imperative that TCU gets out to an early lead, because if the Rebels jump out in front, their defense can turn up the heat and that's a terrifying thing. Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie have had a month to prepare for Hugh Freeze's version of the 4-2-5, while going up against a more seasoned version every day in practice this year.

The same could be said for Ole Miss' offense too, as they won't be rattled by the TCU 4-2-5, as they've also gone against it daily in practice this season. I wonder how many nuances Patterson and Freeze can throw in to throw off the QBs, and whoever does has the best chance of winning the ballgame. If that rings true, I have to give the advantage to Patterson.

Marshall Weber

TCU 38, Ole Miss 27 - First off, this game is going to be a blast. I haven't really done a score prediction like this, so bear with me...

As they did most of the season, I think TCU scores on their first drive to make an early statement. If not the first, then the second. The first half goes a lot like the Oklahoma game; the Frogs take a two score lead, the Ole Miss fires back. By halftime, the score is 21-14, Frogs. TCU makes it 28-14 to start off the 3rd, but Ole Miss fires back to make 28-21.The two teams trade off field goals, until it's 31-27 Frogs going into the 4th. After the Frogs take advantage of Ole Miss turnovers in the first half, Bo Wallace makes a big mistake and the Frogs go up 10. Wallace and the Rebels make it interesting late in the game, but TCU's defense; led by Marcus Mallett and Paul Dawson make a red zone stop and the Frogs close it out in Atlanta.

38 points may seem quite high for the Ole Miss defense, but its their offense that makes mistakes and allows for great TCU field position--which they execute. In addition to their mistakes, Bo Wallace and company simply can't compete with TCU's scoring. In the end. while Trevone Boykin and the offense do everything right, the game is ultimately won on defense, and their ability to create turnovers.


TCU 34, Ole Miss 24 - Here I am in the heart of SEC country, or so they tell me, writing my pick for the final football of what has been quite possibly the best football season in my history as a Horned Frog. The Rose Bowl year… hat stands alone for many reasons, but I wasn't in Texas for that and only saw two games (including the Granddaddy) all season - this one? I will have made it to all but two, including the finale Wednesday. So it means just a little more. With the Big 12 having effectively crapped the bed in bowl season so far, this game has been made even more important, and I've gotten just a little more nervous than I was a few days ago… BUT… I have learned to not doubt this group when it counts, and this one means something. We have a lot to prove tomorrow, and we are at our very very best when we have a big ol' honking chip on our shoulders, and they don't get much bigger than what we have endured the past month. I respect the Ole Miss D, but GP is pretty much the consensus best coach in the land right now, or at least has the hardware for it, and he will have his troops ready. Dr Bo is going to need some TLC after this one, as the Frog D obliterates any hope of a run game and forces him to drop back 40+ times, which is a recipe for disaster for the Rebs. Boykin makes big plays with his legs both within the pocket buying time and on the run breaking contain. A jump ball in the third quarter from Boykin is hauled in by Doctson with one hand and turns a close game in to a Frog fest, as TCU pulls away for a 34-24 win AND ALL THE PEACHES. it's been a hell of a ride friends, and I have had a blast with you all here on this little site. Let's keep it rolling for the round ball and the baseball!!

Hawkeyed Frog

TCU 27, Ole Miss 18 - Even if you took the names off the helmets and jerseys so it wasn't TCU playing this would still be the most interesting bowl game to me outside of the playoffs (and only the final game, there), as the explosive TCU offense goes up against a ravenous Ole Miss defense.  I'd love to be able to tell you that I think TCU will be able to run up and down the field in this one, but I've been really impressed by the "landsharks" from the film I've watched and think that we're not likely to have the usual buffet of long scoring plays that we've become accustomed to this year.  Still, I think that the TCU offense can be efficient enough and has enough favorable matchups to be able to move the ball against Ole Miss a lot more effectively than Ole Miss will be able to move against a TCU defense that is both a nasty run stopping unit and a turnover forcing machine.  That said, I'd be a lot more nervous about this game if LaQuon Treadwell were suiting up for the Rebels, as he was a nightmare matchup in coverage before the season's most awful to watch play unfolded (I'm not linking it).  I think the Frogs pull ahead early and fend off an Ole Miss comeback attempt with a Sam Carter pix 6 to clinch another 12 win season for Patterson and company.