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Frogs O' War Friday Staff Picks: Week 15

The last round of picks are in....

Big 12

No. 20 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma 30, Oklahoma State 14 - The Sooners have Semaje Perine, and that's all they need to win this game. Oklahoma State finishes the season on a six game losing streak.


Oklahoma 42, Oklahoma State 31 - Weird stuff happens in Bedlam, but I think OU, even with their murky at best quarterback situation, gets the W and finishes their regular season strong, mostly on the shoulders of Samaje Perine. If I am Stoops, I'm giving him the ball 40 times Saturday afternoon.

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma 35, Oklahoma State 17 - Just going to go ahead and say it--the most pointless and least enticing Bedlam matchup in recent memory. The past few years it's been so fun, meaningful and something's been on the line. This year? Not so much. This is a new Big 12 indeed.

Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma 27, Oklahoma State 14 - The Cowboys definitely have the better quarterback in this one, even as both sides are dealing with injuries to their starter (and in OSU's case, the backup as well), but I'm not convinced it's going to matter.  OSU has had trouble all year in dealing with staunch running games, and OU's back is turning into an absolute crusher.  On the road in Norman isn't the place where a young quarterback picks up his first win as a starter.

No. 6 Baylor vs. No. 9 Kansas State

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor 42, Kansas State 30 - I really want Kansas State to win, but I just don't think they've got it in them. Bryce Petty is cleared to play, and that's all the Bears will need. The question is, will a 12 point win over KSU be enough to bump the Bears into the playoffs?


Kansas State 31, Baylor 28 - yeah, I'm calling for it. K State has been playing really good football the last couple of weeks, and they are playing for a share of a Big 12 title, too. They won't be worried about Sunday, just focused on Saturday night, and Bill Snyder and co will be ready. Overlook the Wizard at your peril… and the Bears have given them lots of bulletin board fodder this week.

Marshall Weber

Baylor 31, Kansas State 28 - I went back and forth with the upset...but I'm taking the Bears :(. It really depends on Petty's health too--whether he plays or not. There are conspiracy theorists out there who believe the PR stunt has just as much to do with Petty and concussions as it does with 61-58. We'll see Saturday though. Go purple.

Hawkeyed Frog

Baylor 41, Kansas State 37 - I think the game gets off to a start that we'd all love.  Kansas State gets off to a hot start against Baylor, taking the early lead while the Bears come out flat.  It's 14-0 before the Bears get on the board with a field goal, and Kansas State returns the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown, leading 21-6 at the half.  After the half though, Baylor comes out and establishes that they are, in fact, the second best team in the Big 12, making up for the deficit and taking a late lead into the fourth quarter before K-State rallies once more to lead it 37-34 late.  Baylor scores with 12 seconds left on a controversial no-call on offensive pass interference where the Baylor receiver shoves the Wildcat cornerback to the ground and makes an easy catch on fourth down.  Baylor wins, but the way in which they do it not only ensures that they don't catch TCU, but that they don't make the playoff.

No. 3 TCU vs. Iowa State

Jamie Plunkett

TCU 52, Iowa State 6 - TCU's defense seems to be peaking, and that doesn't bode well for Iowa State. Also, the offense has had a few extra days to get Deante Gray healthy, and that'll help out a lot. Ultimately, TCU is going to dominate this game, not because they need to, but because that's what you do against a 2-9 football team. It probably helps their intensity that they'll be playing for a share of the Big 12 title, and they've only heard all week about how Baylor deserves the playoffs more.


TCU 45, Iowa State 9 - The Carter will be rocking, a Big 12 championship is on the line, the seniors will be honored - the boys will be ready to play and control what they will control. I've gotten so sick of the back and forth, let's win, display the best of our O and our D, win some hardware, and end the regular season on a high note. No matter what happens Sunday, 11-1 and a New Year's Day bowl would be a hell of an accomplishment and I couldn't be prouder to be a Frog.

Marshall Weber

TCU 58, Iowa State 10 - Style points come in plenty. In their regular season coda, the Frogs dominate at home--as they've done all season. Trevone Boykin does enough, and gets the last minute stats to punch his ticket to New York. Other predictions: Aaron Green also has a big day on the ground. Paul Dawson tries to get 100 tackles in a game--but comes up just short. Gary Patterson ties his shoes. Kermit the Frog does the "Give them Hell TCU". Frogs make the playoff.

Hawkeyed Frog

TCU 57, Iowa State 20 - It's a slow, ugly sort of blowout, where the Frogs offense sputters a bit, but does enough to create no doubt.  I think the Frogs do come out a bit flat, thinking that the job may already be done and give up an early score, but in the end I don't think ISU has the athletes to remain competitive or the belief in themselves that they've so often had in years past when the upsets have happened.  If Iowa State gets down by more than 7 points in this game, I think they'll be ready to go home, leaving TCU to put up whatever points it feels are appropriate.

Around the Country

No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 7 Arizona

Jamie Plunkett - Arizona 35, Oregon 32
coachmelissa - Oregon 42, Arizona 28
Marshall Weber - Oregon 49, Arizona 42
Hawkeyed Frog - Oregon 37, Arizona  28

No. 16 Missouri vs. No. 1 Alabama

Jamie Plunkett - Alabama 42, Missouri 21
coachmelissa - Alabama 31, Missouri 17
Marshall Weber - Alabama 38, Missouri 20
Hawkeyed Frog - Alabama 23, Missouri 3

No. 11 Georgia Tech vs. No. 4 Florida State

Jamie Plunkett - Florida State 35, Georgia Tech 27
coachmelissa - Georgia Tech 24, Florida State 21
Marshall Weber - Georgia Tech 31, Florida State 24
Hawkeyed Frog - Georgia Tech 49, Florida State 31

No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 13 Wisconsin

Jamie Plunkett - Wisconsin 28, Ohio State 24
coachmelissa - Wisconsin 31, Ohio State 21
Marshall Weber - Wisconsin 31, Ohio State 28
Hawkeyed Frog - Wisconsin 34, Ohio State 17

No. 22 Boise State vs. Fresno State

Jamie Plunkett - Boise State 45, Fresno State 20
coachmelissa - Boise State 42, Fresno State 31
Marshall Weber - Boise State 49, Fresno State 28
Hawkeyed Frog - Boise State 60, Fresno State 16