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Monday Links O' War: December 8, 2014

TCU got snubbed from the playoffs, but they play a pretty good Ole Miss team in the Peach Bowl.

TCU to face Ole Miss in Peach Bowl |

The Big 12 champion TCU football team will face No. 9 Ole Miss in the Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Ga.

National reaction: Ranking process unfair to TCU; Ohio State passed Horned Frogs 'because of its name' | Dallas Morning News

By noon Sunday, any chance at the Horned Frogs wining a national title was all over.

In the end, TCU lacked royal pedigree | Fort Worth Star Telegram

In the end, the head-to-head thing didn’t matter. Nor, it seems, did all the touchdowns, the Minnesotas, whatever Kirk Herbstreit said, or how much finger-poking was directed at the league commissioner.

TCU left out of playoff, but shooting for more chances | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The College Football Playoff selection committee left TCU out of the four-team bracket that, for the first time, will decide the national champion through elimination and not a poll.

Gary Patterson gracious on ESPN after TCU left out | Fort Worth Star Telegram

TCU coach Gary Patterson was gracious in a live interview Sunday afternoon with ESPN after the Horned Frogs were stunningly left out of the first College Football Playoff after being ranked No. 3 the week before.

TCU AD Del Conte says 13th game was not part of playoff criteria | Fort Worth Star Telegram

TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said the Big 12 believed it did not need a title game to help its champion move into playoff contention.

Mavericks owners says he proposed championship game to Big 12 | Fort Worth Star Telegram

All that distress and misery the Big 12 carried Sunday may have been avoided if the conference would have listened to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

College Football Playoff committee 'mucked' it up, became ESPN dog-and-pony show | Dallas Morning News

As it turns out, it wasn’t a case of Baylor or TCU in the collective mind of the College Football Playoff committee after all. It was neither, and the joke’s on both.

Who actually believed the College Football Playoff is fair? | The Guardian

The BCS was crummy, everyone seemed to agree. A glitch kept occurring, about every other year, where college football’s regular season would conclude with some one-loss juggernaut or a no-loss team from the Lilliputian Athletic Conference missing out on the title game by the slightest of margins, having to settle for a Rose Bowl berth while two dubiously qualified squads played for a national championship. Fans grumbled about this. A single postseason game, the logic went, was not enough to determine the best team in the country. The system must be changed! everyone seemed to agree.

Baylor, TCU's snub means Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby in the spotlight | Dallas Morning News

In the end, the College Football Playoff committee wasn't so much to blame for what happened Sunday as the college football playoff itself. Four teams is not enough to include all the champions of the power conferences.