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Monday Morning Quarterback: Cyclones Can't Touch Down

The Horned Frogs destroyed Iowa State on Saturday, but it wasn't enough to keep them in the top 4.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
The Good

Trick plays are always fun, even when they're attempted against totally overmatched competition. The passback play that resulted in a 55-yard touchdown for Trevone Boykin was no exception.


Boykin also had a career-high 460 passing yards, and 559 total yards on the day, with five touchdowns. Aaron Green had 171 total yards, and Josh Doctson had 151 receiving yards.

The defense was also on point, keeping Iowa State out of the endzone and below 240 yards of offense. Everything, generally, was awesome.

The Bad

Uhh....Iowa State's field goal, I guess?

I suppose we could also wonder what Cam Echols-Luper was thinking on that punt here too.

That's...that's about it...

The Playoff

Obviously we're going to be upset because the Frogs dropped from 3 to 6 after this win. It's disconcerting, and frankly, it renders the weekly rankings irrelevant moving forward.

However, TCU fans should find comfort in the fact that pretty much this entire offense is returning in 2015, and the defense, as it always does, will reload and be just fine.

This was one heck of a season, and we should be happy, regardless of the CFP money-grab.