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A slew of LOIs have already been sent in today, including L.J. Collier, Grayson Muehlstein, Desmon White, Ryan Griswold and Ty Summers.

Ronald Martinez

TCU's class has ballooned in the last half hour, as the Frogs received signed LOIs for multiple guys, including:

L.J. Collier - 3-star - DE

Grayson Muehlstein - 3-star - QB

Desmon White - 3-star - WR

Ryan Griswold - 3-star- OL

Ty Summers - 2-star - LB

All big names to say the least, with the biggest possibly being Muelstein. Rumors are the Mule really hit it off with Braden Smith over the weekend, and more importantly, he killed it with very little talent around him his senior year.

Welcome to the family!

Go Frogs!