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More LOIs Are In for TCU

TCU just got five more LOIs in.

Ethan Miller

This morning is off to a great start, and the Frogs just got a few more LOI's in.

Corry O' Meally - 3-star- CB

Casey McDermott Vai - 3-star - DE

Nick Foster - 3-star - CB

Ryan Parker - 3-star - WR

Travin Howard - 3-star - S

Nick Foster was the longest commit for the Frogs, having pledged to TCU last February 3rd. It must be sweet to finally sign on the dotted line after being committed for that long. He should be a stud for the Frogs sooner, rather than later. I'm working on finding out if Parker also signed with a  JUCO, as there was speculation that grades were an issue.

McDermott Vai and O'Meally both add great depth to an already stellar defense.

Travin Howard is a sleeper that could be one of the biggest pickups in this recruiting class.

Go Frogs!