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The Final Monday Morning Manager

Fungo Frog says goodbye to Frogs O' War once and for all.

Baseball - TCU
Baseball - TCU
TCU Athletics

In November Jamie took over, and I stepped aside.

Today, I regret to report the end is here.

I love college baseball. I love baseball. I love TCU, and college sports in general.

But I also love advertising, marketing, and all the great things that come with a bright, promising career. And my wife.

Not in that order.

And that is not to say that you can't write a sports blog and also have a career and a family, plenty of people do just that. But it's not for me.

Thanks to the KF guys for giving me a shot, to Ezra for being so accommodating and to Jamie for putting up with me.

To the countless scouts and writers who have reached out to share some baseball guidance, it meant the world.

And thanks to Coach Schloss for his friendship and help, as well as tons of players and parents over the years who have shared this journey  with me, it's been tons of fun.

Frogs O' War is still the best place for TCU fans on the internet, I firmly believe that. I'll still hang around here and the other TCU websites, but it's time for real life to take center stage.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Go Frogs.