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Meet The Recruits: Trey Elliott

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Meet the Commits series continues with Trey Elliott. The offensive lineman from Dallas Jesuit could be just what TCU needs to get back on track.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Trey Elliott

Elliot, the 6'4" 275 pounder from Dallas Jesuit, adds depth where TCU needs it the most, the offensive line.

Elliot's skill-set is best seen on the pass protection and because of that, he will more than likely be used on the interior.  Elliot packs a punch and has great recovery skills that allow him to make up for the quickness he sometimes lacks off the line. His run-blocking will need more work when he gets to school, as his footwork causes him to get off balance, thus forcing him to make difficult adjustments. 

That being said, these mistakes are very fixable. The size is there, the speed is mostly on point, Elliot will just need some time to develop. Unlike Ty Barrett or Frank Kee, Elliot's impact won't be immediate, and likely won't be a starter for a year or two, but like I said, the depth he adds to TCU's glaring weak spot will be very important to the Frogs' future success.

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