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Meet the Commits: Corey McBride

Today's commit is another speedster from Louisiana, but one who had a very interesting recruitment.

Revenge on Arkansas will be his
Revenge on Arkansas will be his
The Advocate

Corey McBride and his teammate Torrance Mosley had committed to go to Arkansas together, only to find their offers pulled a week before signing day (according to Arkansas there was an issue with grades, but given both qualified at TCU it's something they're likely kicking themselves over in Hogville) and suddenly scrambling for a safe landing place.  Before committing to the Hogs Mosley had racked up a decent amount of scholarship offers and had serious interest from local superpower LSU as well as Florida, though offers never materialized after he committed to Arkansas (LSU is much like Texas in how they don't often offer the in-state kids who don't show a ton of interest), highlighted by the Pac 12's Arizona State, Washington State and our old friends the Utah Utes- as well as the Houston Cougars.  Combined with his familiarity with TCU, having new coordinator Doug Meacham on board ended up being a boon for the Frogs, as they ended up with two talented recruits from Louisiana and another high school that knows that TCU will go to bat for its students (while word is that the Arkansas coaches aren't allowed on their campus anymore).

So what kind of recruit did TCU get when Corey decided to declare for the purple?  In a common theme with the skilled players, McBride is a speedster with a reported 4.34 40 time (hand timed, so don't put too much stock in this) and has some decent size with sites listing him at 6'1" or 6'2".  A big target who can outrun the rest of the field is a great find for any offense, but for the air raid variant TCU is bringing in this could be a golden pairing.  McBride's Hudl shows a great athlete who can locate the ball well in the air and has nice hands, but his route running is a bit sloppy and he needs to do a better job of using his body to create space for himself.  There's a lot of raw talent here, and given the stacked depth chart at wide receiver (even without LaDarius Brown) I'm hoping for a redshirt here to add a bit of bulk and drill the route tree into his mind.  Still, when a player has 4.3 speed Patterson loves to find a place for them on the field somewhere, so who knows for sure, but either way expect to see him on the field and burning up for a chance to make an impact when Arkansas comes to town in 2016.