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Meet the Recruits: Torrance Mosley

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The series continues with the half of the "Dutchtown Duo"

Tom Pennington

We continue the series with Torrance Mosley of Geismar, Louisiana. Mosley, along with Corey McBride, aka "The Dutchtown" duo, were two fantastic late pickups for the Frogs and were the 20th and 21st commitments in the 2014 class.

Mosley, listed as an athlete by some publications, is more often projected as a Wide Receiver. The safe bet is that, at 5-9, Mosley will be used in the slot, especially as Brandon Carter continues Brandon Carter-ing, Mosley's tremendous speed and athleticism make him a very dangerous deep-threat. Mosley also has a keen ability to make defenders miss tackles and possess the kind of speed that only gets faster the further he gets down the field.

Though he's an excellent option at wide-out, Mosley;s skill-set also makes for an intriguing defensive back.


"[Mosley] Is a skilled athlete that shows it on offense but his future may be in the secondary as he displays the type skill that could easily translate into being a corner. His feet and ability to move in close confines are very good."

Mosley's exciting for a few reasons. Off the field, I like that him and Corey McBride signed together. From my perspective, it makes it seem like these guys are ready to be part of a team and not just in it for themselves. In my opinion, it's starting to come together on our team, but it's always good to see guys like this sign with TCU.

Skill wise, and we say this time and time again, but Mosley is that classic GMFP prototype. Whatever he turns out to be, I think we can all be pretty confident that Mosley will find his niche at TCU.

Welcome home, Torrance and Go Frogs.

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