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Gary Patterson Made $4 Million In 2012

According to the schools most recent tax filing (Form 990), Gary Patterson's compensation for the 2012 calendar year was just over $4 million.


Thanks to the reporting done here at Frogs O' War, we now know just how well TCU is compensating head coach Gary Patterson, and I think most frog fans would agree he has earned every penny.

In 2012, Gary Patterson's base salary was $2.987 million, up from $2.587 million in 2011. But, his total compensation, which includes bonuses, deferred compensation and other taxable benefits, was just over $4 million for the year, the highest ever for the coach. In 2011, his total compensation sat at $3.12 million.

The $4 million mark would have placed coach Patterson fourth in the nation amongst head coaches salaries, just behind Bob Stoops of Oklahoma. If we just look at base pay, Patterson would slot in 10th.

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