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TCU Spring Practice Report: Defense

He's baaaaack


Devonte’s Back:

After a very bizarre 2013 season, followed by a very strange early 2014, it looks as if Fields has put whatever it was behind him, or at least is not taking it with him to the field. Fields was breathtaking Saturday; looking stronger and fast as ever, even nabbing an interception from Tyler Matthews

Patterson said of Devonte:

"I don’t know if you’d say he is all the way back, but he’s a lot farther than we were a year ago,"

Patterson's not one to romanticize things, especially with Devonte. But this is basically a stamp of approval by GMFP.

Unlike Brandon Carter, who I think has all the potential in the world yet suffers from being a bit of a head case, Fields seems that he’s escaped the personal demons that haunted him last season. The 2012 Big 12 Freshman of the Year, now with these distractions gone should not only return to 2012 form, but elevate and establish himself as the premier defensive player in the Big 12. 

Pleased To Meet You:

Kenny Iloka

Iloka, a transfer Tyler Junior College, looks like he’s been playing in the Fort the last few years. In Saturday’s scrimmage, Iloka scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery and had an interception.

Ranthony Texada

Freshman Ranthony Texada is being groomed to be the next great TCU corner. It’s not an easy task filling in the shoes of the (likely) soon-to-be first rounder Verrett, but Texada’s got the speed and skills to be well on his way. While Texada shows a lot of promise, it will be Kevin White’s turn to be the corner back on the team.

Same Old Story:

Catch ‘em with honey and not vinegarright?

The best way to ease into the first steps of the first steps of the 2014 TCU Football season is talk about the good. The good is, and always will, be the defense. 

We’ve touched on Texada and Iloka, but I can’t emphasize enough that the secondary is the backbone of not only this defense, but also this team. Since joining the Big 12, the Secondary has stolen the linebacker spotlight, something that’s always been a staple of a Gary Patterson defense. That, more than anything, is telling of how great a defensive mind Gary Patterson is. The fact that the secondary has been the standout since joining the pass happy Big 12 speaks volumes.

With Devonte in top-form, Chucky Hunter back, as well as Linebackers Paul Dawson and Marcus Mallet, it should be business as usual for TCU’s defense in 2014.

The offense? Still a work in progress.