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Tuesday Morning Links O'War: May 13th 2014

Verrett, baseball, and E!'s new reality star...

Eric Draper

Here are your Tuesday Morning Links...

Mavericks look to clinch regular season bout with TCU: Yes, the series is split so far this season. But at this we really think UTA has a fighting chance tonight? More on this later...

Former TCU football player to be on E! reality show 'Escape Club': Aundre Dean joins the E! Network as a reality star. By chance, has anyone watched this? Would love to know how it is.

Like Sherman, Verrett plays with motivation:

"But taking a closer look, Verrett and Sherman share some common ground that give Chargers' fans reason for optimism that the TCU product could be the answer to San Diego's inconsistent play in the secondary. Like Sherman, Verrett is a student of the game. Verrett said that extra film work led to his uncommon ability to make game-changing plays. Since 2012, Verrett led the Football Bowl Subdivision in passes defensed, with eight interceptions and 30 pass breakups"

TCU Offensive Lineman Dunbar Signs With Bears: TCU 360 on the Dunbar signing. As a bonus it has the best photo of Dunbar (a Rose in his mouth circa 2010).