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Casey Pachall gets a CFL deal

Ronald Martinez

Call Drake, break out the Labatt Blue and/or Molson, because Casey Pachall has reportedly signed a three-year deal with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not the former TCU quarterback would get picked up as free agent by an NFL team. But it seems as if Casey is going to take his talents to a place with no beach. Toronto.

Per SS's report:

But wait. What's an Argonaut?

Per Wikipedia:

"Argonauts were a band of heroes in Greek mythology, who in the years before the Trojan War, accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Their name comes from their ship, the ''Argo'', named after its builder, Argus (son of Arestor). "Argonauts" literally means "''Argo'' sailors".  They were sometimes called Minyans after a prehistoric]] tribe in the area."

See, who knew you'd learn so much about Greek mythology on a Wednesday night?

Pachall's departure from the Frogs was bittersweet and after suffering an early injury, Pachall's return in 2013 was pretty underwhelming. Though Pachall's career at TCU was an emotional roller-coaster for himself and fans alike, we wish him nothing but the best.

Bring us back some poutine, Casey... and let's remember the good times.