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TCU Football: Early and Special Date TV Times Released

And guess what...there are no 11:30 games :)

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Neil Armstrong once said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for (frog) kind". He actually said this---it was just a bad signal. The first leg of television times were released today and to the joy of TCU fans everywhere---none of the games will take place at 11:30. We just know the times of the Texas, Minnesota, and Samford games, so there's still plenty of games to be announced. However, we can all smile a little bit wider today knowing that the first games won't take place at the worst time imaginable. Seriously---I'd rather play at 9am. In a hurricane. Could this be one of the things that set TCU's turnaround in motion? We like to think so.

TCU will play Minnesota (September 13th) at 3pm and Texas (Thanksgiving, Nov. 27) at 6:30, both games will be on FoxSports1. TCU kicks off against Samford (august 30th) at 6pm---the television details have yet to be announced for that one. You can see announced dates for the rest of the Big 12 here.