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Fort Worth Regional Game 2: TCU vs. Siena

The Horned Frogs start their run to Omaha tonight against a team that got lucky and squeaked into the tournament.

TCU heads into their first game of the regional knowing who they'll face if they win tomorrow, after Sam Houston State knocked off Dallas Baptist 2-1 Friday afternoon.

Tonight, though, TCU needs to take care of business against a Siena team that really shouldn't be in the tournament after going 26-31 on the season. However, a tournament win equals an automatic bid, so here we are.

Brandon Finnegan is on the mound tonight for the Frogs, and he'll square off against Matt Gage, who is the only starter with a sub-5.00 ERA, sitting at 4.81.

Essentially, this shouldn't be too tough of a game for the Frogs, but they still need to get out and take care of things early.

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(Yes, the header photo is from warmups this evening)