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The Sequel: TCU vs. Sam Houston State Game Thread Part II

Sam Houston State defeated Siena on Sunday afternoon 9-2, earning the right to face the Frogs again.

Jamie Plunkett (Frogs O' War)

Tyler Alexander will be on the mound for TCU, and his counterpart for SHSU is Ryan Godail.

Here are your lineups for tonight.


With a win, the Horned Frogs will be headed to the Super Regional, where they'll face either Cal Poly or Pepperdine. A Sam Houston State win means the teams will meet up tomorrow night and do this all over again.

We're all hoping that the Frogs take this game in 9 innings, but let's be honest, TCU has the deeper pen (despite how good SHSU's team has been pitching).

Frogs are the home team tonight, as they should be.

So, let's go Frogs! and #ToadToOmaha