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Something missing: Ole Miss 6, TCU 4. Season over

The 2014 TCU baseball season comes to a close as the Frogs tired arms couldn't keep up with a hot hitting Ole Miss team.

You'll get them next year, big man.
You'll get them next year, big man.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It should have been expected when Tyler Alexander couldn't get out of the fourth inning, given the extra innings game against Virginia had drained out bullpen, but it still was a surprise to me when TCU didn't end up coming back to win this game.  Throughout the season there's almost always been something that has gotten TCU over the hump.  TCU's lineup has been inconsistent at producing offense all year, but on the rare occasions the pitching has struggled in the second half of the season they've generally been there to hold up their end of the bargain and keep the Frogs alive.  Even as the Frogs rallied back to tie the game thanks to a walk filled fourth inning, and Cron tied it back at four when the Rebs picked up a run in the fifth, it felt like the Frogs were in a tight spot though- Ole Miss was getting more men on base and they hadn't spent their bullpen in a slugfest against UVA just before, and the Rebels have had a more consistent offense than TCU all year.  If the Frogs were going to win it was going to take a little bit more of that something special to get them over the hump and earn another chance against the Cavs, and it just didn't turn up today.

And as much as that sucks, you know what?  That's okay.

Out of seemingly nowhere, we had a hell of a season and a hell of a postseason.  We hosted a regional and then a super regional for the first time, advanced to the CWS for the second time and even got to play a part in knocking Tech out.  As disappointing as the ending of this story is, coming out of the 2013 season this one was a revelation, and will hopefully be a launching point for TCU's football and basketball teams to have redemptive seasons as well.  It's a good time to be a horned frog, gentlemen.  Marshall and Jamie will be around later to give the blow by blow and possibly an outlook for next year, but for right now, kudos to Ole Miss for a great game and thanks to the Frog baseball team for a wonderful year.

Go Frogs.