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The Nickname Game: Who's Who?

It's time to come up with the best nicknames for players on the baseball team.

What is happening....
What is happening....
CJ Fogler (@cjzero)

We have a few days to kill before the NCAA Super Regional takes place between TCU and Pepperdine, so it's time to do the obvious thing: assign nicknames to TCU baseball players. So, we tweeted this:

We've already gotten some great responses, but we didn't want to limit this to just Twitter folks. So, if you want to throw a nickname out there, comment below. Use the name of the player in the header, and the nickname in the body of the comment.

Get creative, and stay positive, this isn't an opportunity for player-bashing.

Here are the players we're nicknaming:

Brandon Finnegan

Kevin Cron

Preston Morrison

Boomer White

Keaton Jones

Riley Ferrell

Garrett Crain

Tyler Alexander

Derek Odell

Kyle Bacak

Dylan Fitzgerald