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Frogs O' War Video Rewind: What do you want to see?

It's officially football offseason, which means football coverage is about to pick up. However, before breaking down film of TCU's new offense, HawkeyedFrog needs your help

The 2013 Houston Cougars are the key to understanding our new offense.
The 2013 Houston Cougars are the key to understanding our new offense.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Apart from a spring game that few saw and reports from training sessions that are generally lacking, we don't really have much of an idea what TCU's offense is going to look like next year.  Yes, the term Air Raid has been tossed around a lot, but does that really mean that the Frogs are going to take a Leach-ian 50 passes a game approach?  Is it more of a Dana Holgorsen style Air Raid, a Kliff Kingsbury sort of Air Raid or even something more akin to what the loathed bears are doing in Waco?  While we won't know for sure until cleats hit the turf on August 30th (and we probably won't get a look at the fancy plays until September 13th) we do have a resource available to us to see what new co-OC and playcaller Doug Meacham's offense looks like- the game film of the 2013 Houston Cougars season.

Which means it will soon be video rewind time at Frogs O War once again as I'll be watching and diagramming film from three UH games to chop up into a few posts over the next few weeks, and with a little cooperation on the youtube end I'll hopefully be putting up clips so you can see the plays in real time as well as looking at the screencaps.  What I need from you, the fine readers of Frogs O' War, is simple- what kind of plays do you want to see diagrammed?  Are you curious about the base runs of the new offense, to see how B.J. Catalon fits in?  Wondering what kind of passing routes we're likely to be breaking out?  Curious if Meacham actually knows how to properly set up a bubble screen?  Simply ask what you'd like to see me break down in the comments and I'll do my best to get it in- and if you want to make sure that I include something that someone else already suggested, rec it and include it in your reply.

Football season is two months away, and there's a distinct chance that it won't suck this year folks.  Time to start getting hyped!