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Get a #ToadToOmaha Shirt Today

Support the Frogs on their way to Omaha!

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Well, we've gotten a few requests, so we'll see if this works out! Order a short sleeve, long-sleeve or women's tee with the hashtag #ToadToOmaha for just $11, and support the Frogs.

Order your shirt here, through Teespring.

To keep from large overhead costs and trying to handle orders personally, it's set up so everyone orders their own shirt, and once we hit a certain marker (in this case, 50 shirts), they will start to print. So, share this link with everyone, and support the Frogs!

Again, you can order a short-sleeve, long-sleeve, or women's cut shirt.

Also, Teespring is set up so the designer makes a little bit of profit on the shirts. However, I don't feel right about keeping that, so we're going to be donating any and all profits to a local charity to be named later (if you have any that are close to your heart, please let me know). It will be a minimal amount, as I got the price as low as it would let me so the shirts weren't expensive, but any dollar amount given helps charities run.

Spread the word, and Go Frogs!