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Introductions: A Blast from the Past

Hello, again, Frog o' War readers. I'm tickled to return to the blogosphere.

Who let this guy back at Frogs o' War!?
Who let this guy back at Frogs o' War!?
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, friends-- it's been awhile, and I'm glad to be back at Frogs o' War.  Football seasons beckons (it's this close) and nobody likes to write about TCU football more than I do.  (I wrote the book on that, actually...)

I've been away, attending to real life for awhile, but it's been fun to check back in and see Frogs o' War thriving.  Never in my wildest dreams, back in 2006, did I expect my little blog about TCU football (it seems like ancient history, now, seeing Baylor in the bottom-three least-dominant teams of the decade, for example) to grow and morph into something as cool as FOW.

I'll be back, not full-time, but chiming in as often as I can make it.  Who knows; maybe I'll even revive the Wimple Awards.

Initially I'll be surveying the pre-season prediction landscape, starting with the grand-daddy of 'em all, Phil Steele.  We'll tackle the more innovative and perhaps more informed predictions soon, as well.

Read along with me; the wind-up to the season is some of the most fun blogging of the year.