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Flyin' Frogs- TCU thumps Samford 48-14

There were a few hiccups, but TCU seized control against the bulldogs early and never looked back

Kolby Listenbee is your new favorite receiver
Kolby Listenbee is your new favorite receiver
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't always pretty, there were some issues with communication, a bad pick by Joeckel and a few bad penalties on the offensive line.  Still- it was an offense.  Not just a collection of plays that don't really relate to each other, but an offense- plays setting each other up, misdirection with a purpose and even a few of those bubble screens that caused so much frustration on FoW last year, but with very different results than what we're used to seeing.  TCU racked up over 550 yards of offense, 34 first downs with 4.3 yards per rush (not adjusted for sacks) and 7.1 per pass attempt.  Trevone Boykin looked like he knew what he was supposed to do every time he lined up, and when they went with the uptempo package Samford really couldn't do anything about it.  Even though it wasn't perfect, tonight's offense was fun in a way that it hasn't been in a long time- you really didn't know what was going to come next, and any play could end up being a huge one.  This is what offensive football is supposed to be, and even against an overmatched Samford team it felt darn good.  The defense is what you'd expect from a TCU team, they had one drive where it seemed like they weren't quite settled and it gave Samford their only offensive touchdown, but in the second half it was negative play after negative play and the offense kept the pressure on.  Prepare to feel good until at least the Minnesota game guys, it's not perfect, but the offense is finally back in good hands.

Go Frogs.