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Could Devonte Fields Actually Rejoin TCU Football?

Were we all too quick to condemn the guy, based on some serious allegations?

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It's being reported now, by several people, that Devonte Fields is meeting with TCU officials tomorrow to discuss both his status as a student, as well as his status with the TCU football team.

Which begs the question: Is it actually possible that Devonte Fields could rejoin the TCU football team?

Well, I suppose the answer is yes. Gary Patterson told reporters that he would be addressing the Fields situation at some point this week, and now we know that that address will come on the heels of a meeting to determine Fields' fate.

Fields tweeted on Monday, "1 more day can't wait!" and followed that up with "till I meet with the school" when asked what he was one day away from.

Obviously, Fields wouldn't be the first Horned Frog to encounter some off the field trouble only to be given a second chance. With Pachall, the second chance was well deserved. He showed legitimate remorse for his actions and a real want to right his wrongs. Fields will no doubt have to show the same if he wants back in the classroom and on the field.

Personally, I'm conflicted on whether or not I want to see Fields back in uniform. I'm very pro-second chance. But I'm also very anti-leaving lessons untaught. However, ultimately, I trust Gary Patterson to make the right decision for Fields.

We'll obviously be keeping very close tabs on this throughout the day.