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Links O'War: Wednesday, August 6th

Dalton, Fields, and everything in between

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Here are your Wednesday Links O'War.

Football and Devonte Fields:

Devonte Fields’ status at TCU still in question following reported meeting:

Fields’ suspension remains in place at TCU; return unlikely:

Via The Star Telegram:

"The source, who spoke to the Star-Telegram on condition of anonymity, said "the injuries were too much to ignore" when a panel met with Fields and reviewed his suspension following an assault complaint against him by an ex-girlfriend"

TCU #37 in USA Today's Preseason Countdown.

All Things Dalton

Andy Dalton gets six-year deal

Read more here:

A Bengal Under Pressure

If Andy Dalton wants to quiet critics of his massive deal, he’ll need to wait until the playoffs … when the big blitzes start coming

#HotSportsTakes: The Perks of Being a True Professional

"It’s already a jungle out there with this league. Nobody wants to see their locker room turn into a zoo. If I’m the Bengals, I pay the tiger I know. Let the other teams deal with the monkey business"

Just For Fun

Meet the adorable child who should be hosting 'SportsCenter'