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Overreaction Sunday: Labor Day Edition

Both and good and bad--overreactions from the first weekend.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I know it isn't Sunday. I hope your Labor Day is going well. Mine is going great. You know why? Because TCU finally seems to have an offense. Yes, it was against Stamford. Yes, it wasn’t perfect. But I was more excited watching the sped-up attack more than anything I’ve seen (offensively) the past three years. As for everything else; Doug Meacham channels Rust Cohle, Oberkrom's leg is still a gem, and the offensive line will have me a Roger Sterling silver fox by the end of the season.

Holla atcha Boykin

At today’s press conference, GMFP all but named Boykin the full-starter. He danced around Joeckel, saying that he was glad to have him in the system because "injuries happen" and that he should play "some" against Minnesota. You can read what I had to say about Trevone Boykin right after the game, and what Jamie said earlier today. But after sleeping on it, I feel the same way. He’s got some work to do, but there’s little denying that competition in the offseason made him better. He’s throwing a little high, but if that’s the biggest concern...all should be fine. Also, based on what I’ve seen with offense thus far, the early money for a post-Boykin starter would be on Grayson Muehlstein. Sorry, Sawyer lovers.

Boykin is slowly starting to win his critics over. It’s not unanimous--I’ve seen a lot of "We’re Going Nowhere with Boykin"--but that could will change by the end of the season.

Cumbie and Meacham, #TrueDetectiveSeason2

While Gary Patterson and Bill Clinton may still top the list for a dream True Detective season 2, Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie are not far behind. The first drive Saturday night still gives me chills. Even at their best, TCU has never been a first half team in the post-Rose Bowl era. Teams like Southeastern Louisiana were given too many chances in the past couple of years, but this new offense suppresses the lethargic starts we’re used to.

My buddy pointed this out with his great vantage point, and that is--there’s something to be said about Meacham’s on-the-field presence. Like a spritely Jack-in-the-Box, Meacham’s charged up and getting everyone involved. He’s cracking jokes with Patterson, getting the fans and players fired up, jumping up and down--the whole nine yards. Cumbie, who sits in the booth, deserves similar credit. His relationship with Boykin is a key factor is Deuce Boogie’s metamorphosis. A good relationship between a Quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator can make all the difference. (See Kliff Kingsbury and Johnny Manziel)

The Offensive Line Will Still Be TCU’s Death Rattle.

Improved? Yes. Solid? No. The offensive line should still worry you. It worries me. The bye week before the Minnesota game should help. However, the Gophers are no slouches. They’re coming off of a 42-20 victory against Eastern Illinois, and should end the season bowl eligible. We talked about this in the preseason, but the Gophers have one of the better defenses in the Big 10. Given this, the offensive line will get their first big test of the season--for better or worse.

The Defense Will Help You Sleep

If you’re worried about Boykin and the line, the defense can be your ambien. A slow start by TCU standards, the defense picked it up in the second half. While Samford collected 131 yards in the first half, they finished the game with 144. Also, Mike Tuaua is amazing and you should praise him.

Can I kick it? Yes, you can.

Jaden Oberkrom and Ethan Perry were on point Saturday. Perry had a beauty that should’ve been marked at the one, but was instead called a touchback. Oberkrom was typical Oberkrom. Also, watching him in warmups--he was hitting 60-yarders. TCU’s offense won’t score in two minutes or less every time--and when they play better teams, his leg will be a huge a factor. The offense, at their worst, should at least be good enough to get within Oberkrom’s range more frequently than not.