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Frog Poll: Week 2

There's a new number one in this week's poll...

Steve Dykes

There's a new number one in town. Despite trailing in the 3rd quarter, King Mariotta and the Ducks grooved into a John Bonham rhythm Saturday afternoon. They were unstoppable once they did, leaving little doubt they're more than just flashy offense--in even flashier uniforms

The Ten

1. Oregon

Marcus Mariotta's now the Heisman frontrunner, right? He has to be. Down early in the 3rd quarter, Mariotta began to slice through the violent Spartan defense like Valryrian steel.

Week 2 Status: Spitting gold


2. Oklahoma

The early game versus Tulsa was somehow the only game worth watching at 11am. Sure, Tulsa didn't look very good. But the Sooners--normally late bloomers--played like they were already in midseason form. Trevor Knight is getting more comfortable by the week, and the defense is suffocating. The resume isn't that impressive thus far, but the Sooners are by far the most complete Big 12 team I've watched so far this season. As of now, they have a playoff spot on lock.

Week 2 Status: Still firing shots at Bama. (wow)


3. Florida State

After a scare against Oklahoma State last week, the Seminoles look like they're back to where they left off last season. Florida State's now won 18-straight games, which is something Bobby Bowden couldn't even do. So it seems a little unfair to pick apart a 32-12 victory over Citadel--even if it was rather uninspiring. They get a bye week before playing Clemson, and once they get past that game, it's gravy from there.

Week 2 Status: Clive Owen chilling.


4. Georgia

Even in an off-week, the Bulldogs are still generating a lot of buzz and praise. Georgia's often good, but it also seems like they're always one play away from being great. As far as balance goes, they may be the most complete team--which, by default, makes them the best team--in the SEC. Georgia has a reputation for popping their own balloon, but they haven't shown any signs of that happening. Yet.

Week 2 Status: Cautiously Optimistic


5. Auburn

No one's talking about Auburn. And Gus probably likes it that way.

Week 2 Status: "Can we beat Kansas State?" and "will our defense catch up with us" musings.


6. Alabama

Bama is just kind of...boring. It was a great weekend for Blake Sims, in the sense that he proved that he should be starting over Jake Coker. It was also a great weekend for Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban pictures. Even with a more convincing win than last week's game against West Virginia under their belt, it just seems like the Tide are going to take a step back this season. Even if "stepping back" means a trip the Cotton Bowl. Saban and Kirby Smart aren't adapting well to the new age offenses. Texas A&M's Air Raid, Auburn's pop pass heavy no huddle, and even Mississippi State's spread option will give Bama trouble this season. Translation: not sold on these guys.

Week 2 Status: Sleepy


6. USC

The 13-10 win over Stanford felt a lot like a Big 10 game. It also felt like it was scripted with weird penalties and Pat Haden running out on the field playing father for Steve Sarkisian. The whole "bringing daddy" on the field doesn't really help the University of Spoiled Children mantra. But hey, their defense looked great, and Cody Kessler is playing like a darkhorse Heisman candidate.

Week 2 Status: Zack Morris


8. Texas A&M

Kenny Hill didn't let up in the Aggies' home opener against Lamar. He finished with 283 yards passing and 4 touchdowns. Not a bad way to break in the new stadium.

Week 2 Status: Still Trill (Z-Ro edition)


9. Baylor

Gross, right? I'm not entirely convinced Baylor is a Top Ten team (yet) either. I mean, they blew out SMU--a team that got blown out by North Texas last Saturday. Even though it was against Northwestern State, the Bears were without Petty and were still fire. Even with Seth Russell and a handful of receivers absent, KD Cannon came away with six catches for 226 yards. I still think they're going to get into trouble with their questions on defense. But like Kenny Trill jumped right in for A&M, Russell did the same, and the idea of Baylor as a system is scary.

Week 2 Status: Imposing


10. LSU

Leonard Fournette scores a redzone touchdown versus Sam Houston State and does the Heisman pose in celebration. That's the most fair recap of that game.

Week 2 Status: Fournette


The Poll

Team Votes
1. Oregon (2) 97
2. Oklahoma 94
3. Florida State (2) 93
4. Georgia 86
5. Auburn 81
6. Alabama 80
6. USC 80
8. Texas A&M 73
9. Baylor 70
10. LSU 63
11. Notre Dame 62
12. Michigan State 42
13. Arizona State 42
14. Stanford 41
14. UCLA 41
16. Virginia Tech 40
17. Kansas State 37
18. Ole Miss 36
19. BYU 27
20. Mizzou 25
21. L'ville 16
22. Mississippi State 12
23. TCU 10
24. North Carolina 9
25. Clemson 8