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Around the Big 12: Week 3

Tech got blown out, TCU beat up on Minnesota, and the rest of the action around the Big 12.

John Weast

Current Standings

T-1. tylervr (25-1)

T-1. coachmelissa (25-1)

T-1. Marshall Weber (25-1)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (24-2)

5. Jamie Plunkett (22-4)

Baylor 63, Buffalo 21

KD Cannon is a force to be reckoned with. Baylor did what we all expected them to do, which was win big, but Tyler nailed the points total for Baylor (63). Meanwhile, someone else nailed the margin of victory exactly, but was 11 points low for both teams. Oh, yeah, that was me.

West Virginia 40, Maryland 37

The Mountaineers gave up the same amount of points to Maryland as they did a year ago. However, this season they scored 40 points of their own to give them the victory. All the staffers had West Virginia winning this game (although everyone lowballed their score), with Hawk getting closest to the correct margin of victory.

Duke 41, Kansas 3

That was ugly, ugly, ugly for Kansas. They gave up 331 yards on the ground to the Blue Devils, en route to a blowout loss. Everyone had Duke winning, but no one saw that coming. No staffer was within 10 points of the correct margin of victory.

Arkansas 49, Texas Tech 28

Well I don't think anyone saw this coming. Texas Tech scored first, but that's about all that went right for them. Arkansas ran for 438 yards and seven touchdowns on the day, and they didn't even really try to mask their gameplan. Razorback QB Brandon Allen only attempted 12 passes on the day, and Arkansas wound up with a 212 yard rusher, and a 145 yard rusher. Every staffer had Arkansas winning and scoring in the 40's, but no one had Tech scoring fewer than 31.

Iowa State 20, Iowa 17

We talked before this game about how good Iowa State was for an 0-2 team, and how bad Iowa was for a 2-0 team, and I didn't take my own advice, picking Iowa to win. This is also the game that saw Tyler's streak come to an end, as he had the Hawkeyes winning. Meanwhile, Marshall and Melissa both had the Cyclones winning by three, with Melissa almost nailing the score (24-21).

Oklahoma State 43, UT-San Antonio 13

No J.W. Walsh, no problem for the Cowboys. Daxx Garman threw for 315 yards and two touchdowns, and OSU dispatched of UTSA with ease. Hawk went hard in the paint, picking the UTSA upset, but other than him every staffer picked OSU. No one had that big of a blowout, but Marshall and I were closest to the correct score for Oklahoma State.

No. 12 UCLA 20, Texas 17

The dynamics of this game changed as soon as UCLA QB Brett Hundley left with a left arm/shoulder injury. Texas hung tight, and had a lead until 3:00 left in the fourth quarter, when a 45 yard punt return was followed up with a 33-yard touchdown pass one play later. Props to Marshall, who nailed Texas' score, and had UCLA winning by a touchdown.

No. 4 Oklahoma , Tennessee

I didn't realize until this moment that I never went in and inserted my pick for this game. I had Oklahoma winning 30-17, just so everyone knows. Everyone else also had the Sooners winning, with Hawk having the closest margin of victory.

TCU 30, Minnesota 7

The Frogs defense dominated this game, forcing five turnovers and only allowing one touchdown on the day. The offense looked solid in the first half, but struggled in the second half, as the tempo slowed down once again. I was the only one that had any faith in our defense (I kid, I kid), as I predicted the correct final score for Minnesota. Melissa got closes to TCU's correct score, with 34.