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Three Up, Three Down

Who shined bright and who's getting extra wind sprints after practice?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It was a win. It was a big win. It was a total undressing of a power five conference team. So, we're happy, right? No, of course not. We're TCU fans, we're never happy (except for one day in 2011). So let's pick apart some of the best and worst performances from the 30-7 victory over the Golden Gophers.

UP: Josh Doctson - You have the #1 play of the day in all of college football, you're up. Doctson's one handed TD grab has a chance to be in the conversation for catch of the year. The junior had six receptions for two scores and 64 yards on the day, and was Trevone Boykin's go to guy in the clutch. Speaking of Boykin...

DOWN: Trevone Boykin - two weeks after securing the nod at QB and completing 70% of his passes, Deuce came back to earth against a decent Minnesota D. He passed for 258 yards and two TDs, but on 46 attempts, for a paltry QB rating of 50. Not good. Boykin had one pick on the day, and a couple throws could have easily gone the other direction. His accuracy was... not. I am not giving up on our young leader, and he showed flashes of what makes him so special, including a coupe of jaw dropping runs, but that kind of day isn't going to beat the OUs and Baylors of the world. Boykin did lead the team in rushing, falling just eight yards shy of a 100 yard day.

UP: TCU D - Hoo boy that defense looked LEGIT. I could call out about five different guys who just dominated the game. They were fast. They were physical. They were destructive. And it was awesome. Three interceptions, two sacks, two fumbles... the Gophers will have nightmares about Big 12 speed for weeks. The best part to me was that it was a completely different set of stars from game one. Minnesota couldn't break 100 yards on the ground, despite 39 attempts, and they certainly weren't going to find too many soft spots in the Frogs secondary through the air. I am really excited to see the game plan for shutting down those pass happy Big 12 teams - Coach Patterson and Coach Bumpas have some great toys in the defensive secondary that will open up the opportunity to pressure with the guys up front.

DOWN: Cumbie and Meacham - while the defense shined, the offense seemed to take a step back. That speaks to the difference in opponent, sure, but were it not for the five turnovers and the very favorable field position they afforded, this could have been a very different game. I have no idea what Cumbie and Meacham saw in the Minnesota D that led them to believe that Boykin needed to throw the ball 46 times, but it didn't work. He also led the team in rushing on 12 attempts, which makes zero sense to me with the guys that line up behind him having played so well two weeks ago. That doesn't even take in to account the extra pounding he will take running the ball that much. Mind you, I don't know how many of those were designed QB runs verses how many were reads he decided to keep, but 15 combined attempts for the running backs isn't a recipe for success, no matter how you called it. When the opponents are better and the stakes higher, our play calling will need to be much more balanced. Fortunately, we have a bye week, and basically a scrimmage after that, to figure it out before Big 12 play.

UP: Jaden Oberkrom - name me a better kicker in the country. The kid with the monster leg continues to impress, week after week. Oberkrom is an absolute weapon - and while GP made it clear after the game that field goals won't win games in conference play, how great is it to know that the guy is all but automatic? Hopefully he gets back to booting kickoffs out of the end zone again, because apparently we aren't good at tackling on those. Game on the line, I trust Oberkrom anytime, from almost anywhere.

DOWN: Bye Weeks - Yeah, this is kind of cheating, but we won so I don't have too many negatives to point out. I am so over this play a game, wait a week, scheduling. I have a feeling we will be wishing we had this bye week back come November. The positive is, the extra practice time early in the season allows the kinks to be worked out, and nothing cures what ails ya like a game against SMU.