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Overreaction Sunday, Minnesota Edition

In Boykin (and our defense) we trust. In our alumni, we don't.

Cooper Neill

It's almost unfair to pick on the Big 10. It's certainly easy. The conference's has had a rough couple of weeks, and TCU added to the misery Saturday afternoon in the Fort (Sorry Gordon Gee). With two games under the belt, the consensus is pretty much the same across the board. Defense is great, and the offense is promising--but still needs a lot of work.

Third down efficiency scares us

2 for 12 is never good. Well, in fact, it's pretty awful. TCU will basically have a practice when they play SMU the Saturday after next. But with the Oklahoma game looming--and the Sooners have a defense that's going to force a lot of third downs--the Frogs won't give themselves much of a chance with that kind of efficiency.

...Red Zone efficiency too

When you get a big play from your defense that puts you in a situation where you should score a touchdown, you score a touchdown. Like we talked about a couple of weeks ago, Oberkrom, in all likelihood, is going to play a huge role in the Oklahoma game. But against a team like the Sooners, TCU can't afford to waste Red Zone opportunities.

I would've liked to run the ball more

We saw the kind of talent that's in the Big Ten Saturday. With that being said, Minnesota's secondary is probably it's best asset--even better than their running game. So it would've been nice to let the youngsters Kyle Hicks and Trevorris Johnson get some carries. Catalon, Aaron Green, Johnson, Hicks, and Deante Gray only got 15 carries between them. We know that they're trying to get Boykin and Co. as much experience passing as possible, but running the ball, especially in the second half, might've added a few more scores.

This may be the best defense we've had under Patterson

Paul Dawson was a machine, Chris Hackett was a hawk on every play, and everything in-between was on the money as well. The stats tell a narrative of a good defense. However, watching them in person (or on TV) tells a great one. Dawson was absolute fire--15 tackles (9 solo) and a forced fumble. The Frogs also had 4 picks, 2 forced fumbles, a big sack from Davion Pierson, and held the Gophers to under 270 yards. But beyond the impressive stats, this is a poised, confident, and aggressive defense. Sunday's are great for #HotTakes, but this is the best defense I've seen since I was freshman in 2008. At the very least, it's the best we've had since joining the Big 12.

In Boykin we *still* trust

Deuce Boogie looked solid Saturday. He's not used to throwing nearly fifty times per game--his completion percentage was just under 60--but he's looking more confident with every snap. His one interception was arguably pass interference on Minnesota, so I'm going to ignore that. Boykin's just making better decisions, both through the air and on his feet. He's still got a ways to go if he wants to run the table in the Big 12. But Sonny Cumbie--the Mr. Miyagi to his Daniel LaRusso--is fixing that.

Josh Doctson is Amazing

SportsCenter No. 1 play says it all. But that's the greatest play in the new AGC.

The lower deck alumni are awful

Patterson said something to the degree of "if you're not in your seats by our first touchdown, you can't come in". That would amazing. But won't ever happen. With a great student section, and good alumni attendance in the endzones, the lower deck on the west side is dreadful. While they can't not let people in, they should keep track of who's not coming in at all. Mack Brown wanted to do this at Texas, and Patterson can get away with anything and I would like to see him do that here. At the very least, the students who weren't able to get seats in the student section--which is now smaller than last year--should be able to fill those seats without any fuss from security.