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Frog Poll: Week 3

Oregon holds on to the top spot, but Oklahoma and Florida State are creeping up.

Brett Deering

Oregon held on to the top spot, but Oklahoma and Florida State are both gaining ground.

The Ten

1. Oregon

Oregon abused Wyoming, sending the Cowboys home questioning everything. To add insult to injury, Yellowstone has been renamed Mariotta State Park. Ducks are the new state mascot.

Week 3 Status: Dancing Daffy


2. Oklahoma

Oklahoma beat Tennessee like, well, like a good team beats a not-so-good team. Tennessee is in the SEC though, so it's impressive, because SEC. The Volunteers seemed particularly confounded when Oklahoma started throwing the ball. Butch Jones was seen after the game asking officials if that was even allowed. Bob Stoops said after the game that he didn't feel like his team has done much yet, despite the win over the SEC, which has to be a shot at 'Bama, right?

Week 3 Status: More Bama Shots.


3. Florida State

Florida State faced off against the dreaded bye week and came out unscathed. Next up is the Clemson game, and we all remember how that went last season. Florida State, realizing it was Clemson week, has already started celebrating.

Week 3 Status: Pre-victory dancing


4. Auburn

Auburn, like Florida State, also faced off against BYE week. Now, they play Big 12 opponent Kansas State, where they'll try to dodge any wizard spells cast by Bill Snyder. I've heard they're meeting up with Patches O'Hoolihan to get some advice.

Week 3 Status: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge


5. Alabama

Southern Miss actually scored first in this game, which was probably a bad choice. After that, Nick Saban released the hounds, and the Tide eventually won by 40. Alabama takes on Florida this week, and while it's a rivalry game, it'll probably be pretty one-sided.

Week 3 Status: Bored.


6. LSU

LSU shut out UL Monroe on Saturday, and is even more bored than Alabama.

Week 3 Status: Even more bored than Alabama.


7. Texas A&M

Texas A&M beat up on Rice, but the conversation is all around their soggy field. Conditions weren't great, but Kenny Hill still threw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Rice did Rice things.

Week 3 Status: The Trillest(feat. ASAP Rocky)


8. Ole Miss

The Rebels enter the Top 10 for the first time this year on the back of Bo Wallace, who dominated an outmanned and outgunned Louisiana-Lafayette team. Ole Miss celebrated the way any good southern school does. With an iced tea and a lady.

Week 2 Status: Freshly Squeezed Lemons


9. Notre Dame

The real story here is that Purdue managed 14 points against Notre Dame, when Michigan couldn't score at all. Purdue must be better than Michigan. Drew Brees is happy.

Week 3 Status: Happy Drew


10. UCLA

UCLA beat Texas, but really, Texas beat Texas. How do you screw up a coin toss like that?

Week 3 Status: Coin Toss


The Poll

Team Votes
1. Oregon (2) 97
2. Oklahoma (1)
3. Florida State (1) 95
4. Auburn


5. Alabama 83
6.LSU 79
7. Texas A&M 72
8. Ole Miss 65
9. Notre Dame
10. UCLA 61
11. Baylor 56
12. BYU 46
13. Georgia 43
14. Arizona State
14. Michigan State
16. Missouri 41
17. Stanford 38
18. South Carolina 37
19. USC
20.Wisconsin 21
21.Clemson 20
22. Oklahoma State 12
22. Kansas State 12
24. Virginia 9
25.TCU 5

Others receiving votes: Ohio State (4), Nebraska (3), Washington (3), Cincinnati (2)