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Frogs O'War Week 3 Awards

Paul Dawson, white sneakers, hawks, and obligatory 'Fargo' (television and movie) gifs.

Cooper Neill

We're still trying to find a name for these weekly awards (again, please give us your suggestions). Don't worry, we have yet another bye week before playing SMU, so we have plenty of time to think of one. But let's call in those DLR plates and hand out the hardware for another really good weekend of TCU football.

The Awards

MVP: Paul Dawson

15 tackles--9 solo--, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and a pass break-up Saturday. In two games, Dawson is shaping up to be an All-Conference linebacker. Dawson's coming for you, Bryce Hager...


The Whitest Sneakers Award: Trevone Boykin

This is not unlike Michael Scott giving this same award to Pam at The Dundies. Well earned for Boykin too, because most of the texts I got Saturday were either "TCU looks solid" or "Boykin's shoes are awesome". Not only were his shoes fresh, but the sock game was also on point. He had that scrunched-down-high-sock, ala Pete Sampras circa 1990. Those white sneakers also picked up a team high of 92 yards. Gary wasn't impressed with them, however.

Rocket Man: Josh Doctson

Pretty sure JD saw the Dallas skyline with the air he grabbed on his SportsCenter top play.

HAWK: Chris Hackett

Not unlike Jason Verrett last year (who's tearing it up in San Diego), Hackett is like Carl Weathers on Arrested Development in that he doesn't let anything go to waste. A shuttle pass here, a post-route there...doesn't matter--throw it in the pot because Hackett's got a stew going.

(Rumor is that he's transforming into an actual hawk)


Turn Down for Chuck: Chucky Hunter

Hunter's performance Saturday is just more evidence of how finely-tuned this Frog defense is this early in the season.

Nicest Fans: Minnesota

They're up there with the nicest fans I've ever met. They're on the Nebraska side of the Big 10, whereas the opposite would be Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin (a twenty-something girl spit on me before the Rose Bowl...true story). All I heard after the game was "Wow, you guys got yourselves a heckuva football team there". That's not even me doing my Jerry Lundergaard impression. They were just that nice. Plus, they didn't hire two bumbling hit-men to kill their wives because they were neck deep in a frozen lake of debt.


C'Mon Man: Lower-deck Alumni

I said this in the latest Overreaction Sunday. I get it--a lot of those seats are bought by big companies, and various other high-rollers that have better things to do than watch TCU stifle Minnesota on a Saturday afternoon. But if they're vacant at the end of the first quarter, it should become open seating--especially for students.