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Around the Big 12: Week 4

There was a lot of shaking and moving in Week 4.

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Current Standings

1. tylervr11 (28-1)

2. Marshall Weber (27-2)

3. coachmelissa (26-3)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (25-3)

5. Jamie Plunkett (24-5)

No. 5 Auburn 20, No. 20 Kansas State 14

This was one heck of a game on Thursday, with both defenses playing incredibly well. Kansas State's miscues (3 missed field goals, dropped touchdown that wound up being intercepted) cost them greatly in this one. Of course, when you leave 16 points on the table, things probably aren't going to go your way. Tyler and I both got this pick right, and we had the margin of victory surrounded (Tyler-8, Jamie-4). Props to coachmelissa and Marshall for being Big 12 homers, I was hoping it paid off for you.

Next Week: Kansas State vs. UTEP

Kansas 24, Central Michigan 10

So maybe the Jayhawks are better than I thought. Central Michigan beat Purdue convincingly (but got shelled by Syracuse)  and I thought that the Boilermakers and Jayhawks were on the same level. That turned out not to be the case. Marshall and Tyler both got this game right, with Marshall coming within three of the margin of victory.

Next Week: Kansas vs. Texas

No. 4 Oklahoma 45, West Virginia 33

Breaking news, Samaje Perine is really good at running the ball. He rumbled for 242 yards and four touchdowns, becoming the first Sooner since DeMarco Murray to break the 200-yard threshold in a game. We all picked the Sooners, but Tyler was one point off of the exact score, picking OU 45-34.

Next Week: Oklahoma - BYE, West Virginia - BYE

Other Big 12 Week 5 Games

Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech (Thursday)


Iowa State vs. Baylor