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Frog Poll: Week 4

The Big 12 retakes the thrown, Lane Kiffin's mixtape, the brilliance of Marcus Mariotta, the emergence of Dak Prescott, and The Children Mendenhall

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 returns to the top of our rankings this week. And so timely too, because they (Oklahoma) play our beloved Horned Frogs in two weeks. It was arguably the best, albeit the weirdest, weekend of college football we've had thus far--despite the lack of upsets. Jaime continues to be sold on Florida State, Tyler hit all the notes in his predictions (so we should probably trust his rankings), and I continue to ship Bobby's Sooners as the best, most complete team in the realm.

The Ten

1. Oklahoma

There were two mutual feelings on this game. One; Oklahoma, despite its slow start, is the most dangerous team in the Big 12. Two; West Virginia is beginning its 180 and are about to win a slew of games. Even with the high-yardage they gave up, the Sooner defense is still frightening. Samaje Perine also looked incredible.

Week 4 Status: Calculated

2. Alabama

Despite Will Muschamp looking like he won’t have a job for too much longer, Bama was pretty fantastic Saturday afternoon. Amari Cooper may be the most athletic player in college--and a Heisman finalist. Also, Lane Kiffin was trying out his mixtape faces Saturday, or pretending to eat a giant sandwich. It was beautiful. Also, it's pretty clear why Blake Sims is the starter. This was a job that was supposed to be Jake Coker's. So not only beating out Coker, but excelling--he had the most passing yards for the Tide in over forty years--makes this one of the better stories in college football thus far.

Week 4 Status: New offense. Heavy shit.


3. Oregon

Marcus Mariotta is the best Quarterback in college. The Ducks weren't as sharp against Wazzu as they were against Michigan State, but Mike Leach can have that effect on people. Also, get Double-M some protection, Oregon offensive line. He's your ticket into the playoff and you let him get sacked 7 times against Washington State.

Week 4 Status: Mariotta.


4. Florida State

A&M, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Oregon could all be better than Florida State. It sort of goes without saying they’re all better than a Winston-less squad. With Winston "coming back" Monday, it’s going to be all gravy for the most athletic team in the country (Seriously, it’s ridiculous). Yes, Duke is a good team and you'll never really sell me on Notre Dame---but it’ll be pretty hard to imagine the playoffs without Florida State. Also, you haven’t seen it--or want to see it again--watch this Vine of Jimbo and Jameis before the game. It looks like Fischer had lost all hope in the world.

Week 4 Status: Jimbo watching Jameis


5. Texas A&M

Let’s play a drinking game. This week, every time you hear "SEC West", you have to drink. Congrats, you’ll have alcohol poisoning by noon. Like Keith Richards in the French Riviera whilst recording Exile type of alcohol poisoning. We’ll see how long it lasts, but Texas A&M is one of the best teams in the country. They are not however, the most complete. Their defense still has a lot to prove, but if it ended today, they’d probably sneak into the playoff.

Week 4 Status: Trill (Pimp C edition)


6. Auburn

Somewhat surprisingly, the Tigers are struggling a bit offensively--averaging 2.8 yards per carry. Auburn also has the gnarliest schedule in the Top 10. Not only do they have to play SEC West (that's one drink ^) foes like Alabama, LSU, MISSISSIPPI STATE, Texas A&M, etc, they also have to play the two best teams in the East; Georgia and South Carolina.

Week 4 Status: #Praying


7. Baylor

Baylor's bye week was slightly more challenging than what they've had the past two weekends.

Week 4 Status: Still enjoying their cake


8. BYU

I’m always happy to see a former Mountain West friend on the ‘The Ten’. At this point., the Cougars are a lock for a New Years’ Day Bowl. A playoff bid will be a little harder. Because not unlike TCU or Utah three to four years ago, they’re going to have to beat teams 60-0 every time to leapfrog the other Power 5 teams vying for a bid. Not only is their win against Texas looking more "meh", but BYU will need the best team from every (Power 5) conference to lose--and it goes without saying an undefeated record--to get into the playoff. But, in the meantime. let’s keep watching Taysom Hill and remember that Bronco Mendenhall's sons are named Raeder, Breaker, and Cutter.

Week 4 Status: BELIEVE


9. Mississippi State

Dak Prescott, meet world. World, meet Dak Prescott. For nearly 4 quarters Mississippi State dominated LSU, and then towards the end, Les Miles looked as if he was going to pull of his greatest Mad Hatter moment ever. But the Bulldogs held off the sorcery and go their first win in Death Valley since the Clinton Administration.

Week 4 Status: Clinton Brass.


10. Notre Dame

The good news for Notre Dame Doubters, myself included, is that the Irish actually have a legitimate schedule this year. Especially in comparison to 2012--where they got smoked by Alabama in what was the worst National Championship in recent memory. Notre Dame will play Syracuse next week before it starts a gnarly stretch of matchups that include; Stanford, North Carolina, Florida State, Arizona State, and of course, USC. Everett Golson has looked great so far, but one has to consider the level of talent so far. I mean, is a win over Brady Hoke’s Michigan--which got it handed to them by (Mountain West friend) Utah--really better than a win against say, Purdue? Notre Dame won’t go undefeated, but they would likely end up in a New Years’ Day Bowl even with two losses. Just count your blessings, Touchdown Jesus/Sean Astin (...same person?)

Week 4 Status: Sliding into your polls like Bono sliding into your iPhones


The Poll

Team Points
1. Oklahoma (1) 73
2. Oregon (1) 71
3. Alabama 69
4. Florida State (1) 68
5. Texas A&M 62
6. Auburn 61
7. Baylor 58
8. BYU 47
9. Miss. St. 44
10. Notre Dame 41
11. Ole Miss 38
12. Arizona State 35
13. UCLA 31
14.Georgia 29
15. Michigan St. 27
16. Nebraska 26
17.Stanford 20
18. Southern Cal 18
19. Oklahoma State 12
20. Wisconsin 10
21. TCU 9
21. ECU 9
23. Kansas State 8
24. LSU 5
25. Marshall 4