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Frogs in the League: Week 3

Time for another update on our former Horned Frogs in the NFL. Who was your MVP this week?

Al Bello

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Andy Dalton (QB):

This Week: Dalton completed 15 of 23 passes this week, which helped lead the Bengals to an impressive 3-0 start. Dalton also threw for 169 yards and made an amazing touchdown reception, which was the first of his career. Yes, Andy Dalton can do it all.

Season Statistics: 55-84 (65.5%) for 722 yards, 8.6 yards per pass with 2 TDs and 1 INTs.

Marcus Cannon (OT):

This Week: Cannon got his third consecutive start for the New England Patriots in their win 16-9 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Season Statistics: Cannon is 3/3 starting games this fall.

Tank Carder (LB):

This Week: Carder saw some action for the Cleveland Browns in their dramatic loss to the Baltimore Ravens 23-21 this past week. Carder has appeared in all 3 games so far this season.

Season Statistics: Carder has yet to record a statistic on defense this season.

Clint Gresham (LS):

This Week: Gresham was the long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks thrilling overtime win in their Super Bowl rematch versus the Denver Broncos. Gresham has played in all 65 games for the Seahawks since being signed prior to the 2010 season.

Season Statistics: Gresham is 3/3 in starting games this season.

David Hawthorne (LB):

This Week: Hawthorne led the New Orleans Saints in tackles last week, but he was out with an ankle injury this week. The Saints were able to get the win over the Minnesota Vikings 20-9 in his absence.

Season Statistics: Hawthorne is 2/3 starting games this season. He has recorded 17 tackles, with 10 of them being solo.

Jerry Hughes (DE):

This Week: Hughes recorded his his third consecutive start for the Buffalo Bills in a loss to the San Diego Chargers. Hughes tacked on 3 more tackles this week.

Season Statistics: Hughes is 3/3 in starting games this season. He has 9 total tackles, with 5 of them being solo and 1.0 sack.

Colin Jones (S):

This Week: The second year Carolina Panther saw some action for the third straight week at safety in their 37-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jones was able to get his second tackle of the season this week.

Season Statistics: Jones has 2 total tackles on the season so far.

Jeremy Kerley (WR):

This Week: Kerley had a big week for the New York Jets with a season-high 7 catches for 81 yards. His longest catch of 19 yards resulted in his first touchdown of the season. Kerley celebrated with some suave dance moves as well.

Season Statistics: Kerley has started 2/3 games this season. He has caught 15 passes for 141 yards, with a long reception of 19 yards. He's averaging 9.4 yards per catch.

Stansly Maponga (DE):

This Week: Maponga recorded his first sack of the season this week as the Atlanta Falcons put a hurt on Tampa Bay 56-14 Thursday night.

Season Statistics: Maponga has 2 unassisted tackles and 1.0 sacks on the season.

Marshall Newhouse (OT):

This Week: Newhouse got his first start of the season for the Bengals, who remained undefeated on the season.

Season Statistics: Newhouse is 1/3 in starting games this season.

Jason Verrett (CB):

This Week: Verrett did not record a tackle this week, but he did receive a lot of playing time in the Chargers' strong win.

Season Statistics: Verrett is 1/3 starting games this season. He has 9 total tackles and 8 of them are solo. He also has one pass breakup.

Daryl Washington (LB):

The Pro Bowl alternate from 2013 did not see any action for the second week in a row.

Practice Squad Players:

Josh Boyce (WR) New England Patriots and Matthew Tucker (RB) Philadelphia Eagles